Brookyln Bedding & Dreamfoam long term usage and warranty?

Hello -
I am new to the Mattress Underground and have been searching and reviewing for the better part of today but the one thing that I cannot seem to locate is any information on long term usage of the Brooklyn Bedding or Dreamfoam mattresses (any model). I may be overlooking this but any direction towards this type of information would be greatly appreciated. I see comments and reviews from users that have just bought or had their mattress a couple months but nothing in regards to extended use.

Also, has anyone had any experience with the warranty with either of these companies (which I understand are sister companies)? Having a warranty and having one that is easy to deal with and get usage out of is different…

Thank you for any help and guidance!

Hi csleechnet,

A warranty is important to guard against manufacturing defects in the materials or components inside a mattress that can happen on rare occasions but I would also keep in mind that mattress warranties only cover manufacturing defects and they don’t cover the gradual (or more rapid in the case of lower quality comfort layers) loss of comfort and support that comes from foam softening that is the main reason that most people will need to replace their mattress. In other words warranties have little to do with the durability or useful life of a mattress or how long it may be until you need to buy a new mattress. If there is an actual defect in the materials it will usually show up early in the life of the mattress but knowing the quality and durability of the materials in your mattress is always a much more reliable way to assess the durability and useful life of a mattress than the length of a warranty. There is more about mattress warranties in post #174 here.

Although they are very uncommon … both Brooklyn Bedding and Dreamfoam have always been very responsive to legitimate warranty issues.

While there is no way to quantify how long any mattress will last for a specific person or predict exactly when you will decide to replace it because it is no longer suitable or comfortable for you (because this is the only real measure of durability or the useful life of a mattress that really matters) because there are too many unknowns and variables involved that are unique to each person … if a mattress is well inside a suitable comfort/support range and isn’t close to the edge of being too soft when it is new (see post #2 here) and you have confirmed that it meets the minimum quality/durability specs that are suggested in the guidelines here then it would be reasonable to expect a useful lifetime in the range of 7 - 10 years and with higher quality and more durable materials like latex or higher density memory foam or polyfoam (in the comfort layers especially) it would likely be in the higher end of the range or even longer and the chances that you would have additional “bonus time” would be higher as well.

There is also more detailed information about the many variables that can affect the durability and useful life of a mattress relative to different people in post #4 here and the posts it links to.