Can you get me my dream mattress at a dream price?

Hey Everyone,

So I have been reading through all the posts and appreciate all the great info. So I just went and stopped by a couple stores and tried out a few mattresses. Well I fell in love with one in particular, the 2000 Talalay Sleep System from Matter Brothers Furniture. The price, however, I was not too fond of with a price tag of $3997 for the King size and $5897 for the King with adjustable base.

I was wondering if anybody can steer me to a mattress that would be equivalent to this one w/ a lower price tag. When I asked about the specific densities of the 12’’ of talalay latex, they responded with:

6’’ core (34-36 ILD)
2’’ 24 ILD
2’’ 19 ILD
2’’ 14 ILD
then 2’’ 14 ILD quilted into the top quilt (outlast cover)

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

P.S. I live in the Tampa/Clearwater/St.Petersburg area if that helps. Thanks!

Hi tfatouch,

The mattress you linked certainly uses good quality materials but I agree that it’s in a more premium price range compared to other mattresses that may be available to you either locally or online that use similar materials. Having said that there is a lot of latex in the mattress (14") and latex is a costly material and the mattress is also zoned which is a little unusual design. I would tend to look at and compare mattress only prices as well because adjustable bases are available in many places and are much easier to compare in terms of value and the same adjustable bed can usually be purchased in many places. The adjustable bed thread here may be helpful for making some “value comparisons”.

It’s not really possible to “duplicate” another mattress by specs in terms of feel and performance unless the materials, layer thicknesses, and the cover, quilting, and design are identical and you would be unlikely to find this specific design elsewhere (see post #2 here about matching one mattress to another). There may however be mattresses that have a similar “feel” to you even though the designs are different. The only way to really know whether a mattress is equivalent is with your personal testing on similar mattresses.

There are certainly other mattresses that use about 12" of latex (either online or locally) where you could add a 2" topper that would have the same amount of latex and would be in a lower budget range (although I would question the need for that much latex where the lower layers would have so little effect on how the mattress feels and performs). There is also so much soft latex in the upper layers of this mattress that it would be a very risky construction in terms of alignment and I would make sure that you tested it very carefully to make sure that you don’t end up with a purchase that caused discomfort or a sore back when you wake up in the morning.

There may also be some online latex mattresses that may “translate” into a similar feel but this would require more detailed conversations with the manufacturers and some degree of intuitive guesswork on their part in translating one design to another. Most of them would also be very hesitant to use thick layers of Talalay that were that soft and would strongly recommend against it. It may also be worthwhile looking to see if there are any Pure Latex Bliss retailers in your area (you can see their specs here) because they also tend to use softer layers in their mattresses and have both a 2" and 3" topper that can be used on top of them that are also in the 14 - 15 ILD range. The Beautiful and a 2" topper may feel similar to you but it will generally also not be in the best value range (although this can vary from retailer to retailer) and I would still question the thickness and softness of the upper layers even though the combination would be firmer overall than the mattress you tried.

Hopefully you have read some of the basic information, steps, and guidelines in post #1 here which would also be helpful.

Some of the better options and possibilities I’m aware of in the Tampa, Clearwater, St Petersburg area are listed in post #143 here.