Thanks for this very informative forum. I live in a northwest Chicagoland suburb. Am looking for mattress. Leaning towards a gel foam. H.ave been out test driving many. Can you reccommend any factory direct matress dealers in Chicago or in the northwest burbs? Any updates on Restava? Thanks for you help!

Hi tush915,

The Chicago list is in post #2 and #4 here and includes one of the members of the site. A forum search on “mygreenmattress” or on “qualitysleep” (you can just click these) will bring up more information and feedback about them.

I’m not sure what updates you mean but they are included in the online memory foam list here as a possible good quality/value source although in the case of people in Chicago and what is available there I probably wouldn’t be looking online unless there was a particularly compelling reason to do so.


Thanks. Have a Verlo shop here in town. Tried and liked their memory foam bed crescendo. The sales person said they use 4 lb density memory foam, 4 inches over 9 inches of support layer called acella-flex. Price =2549 for king set. I also liked tempur cloud select king price = $2700 and cloud supreme price = 3300. What are your thoughts on the quality of each of these products? They are all equally comfy for me, but I am curious as to the quality. Verlo only warranties for 10 years, temper is 20 with pro rating. Makes me wonder about verlo quality. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

Hi Tush915,

Tempurpedic is in the group of “major manufacturers” that I would avoid. Most (not all) of their mattresses use mid to good quality/density materials but they are not good value compared to many other smaller manufacturers.

I would certainly consider Verlo as a better value alternative but to make meaningful comparisons you would need to know all the specs of the layers in each mattress. The online description of the Verlo Crescendo is different from what you described and I would want to know the exact layering (not a guess) before I considered it although I do think Verlo in general has better than average value. Some comments about the specs they provided …

4 lb memory foam: This is a medium quality/durability memory foam (used in combinations with other densities of memory foam in the Tempurpedic Cloud mattresses) but is quite popular because it is generally (but not always) softer than higher density memory foam. If you are lighter (say under 200 lbs or so) I would consider it. If you are over 200 lbs and durability is a bigger issue … I would be a little cautious about using 4" of 4 lb memory foam.

You can read more about the many different versions of memory foam in post #9 here but in general I would lean towards memory foams that were a minimum of 4 lbs and higher densities will be more durable with 5 lb memory foams being in the “most durable” range.

Acella-Flex: this is generally a good quality polyfoam and I believe is a 2.1 lb density but I would ask to make sure.

Warranties are mostly meaningless and are more about marketing than quality or provide any indication about how long a mattress may last. You can read more about warranties in post #174 here.

Some of the memory foam manufacturers and retailers that I use as a “value” reference are in post #12 here. If a local mattress that used similar materials and layering was in the range of 20% or so higher than these (depending on each person’s “value equation” which takes into account all the factors in a mattress purchase that may be most important to them) I would consider them to be reasonable to good value.

If I was limited to a choice between the two I would probably go with Verlo but I would want to make sure the specific mattress was suitable for you (because of the medium density memory foam) and for a basic 4" of 4 lb memory foam over 7" of 2.1 lb polyfoam it seems on the high side to me as well.


The specs on the printout the Verlo salesman gave me for the Verlo Crescendo read “4 inches of memory foam (4.0 lb - 8 IFD) over 9 inches 0f 100% 20033 Acell-Flex foam.” The salesman offered that the company recently switched from 5 lb memory foam to 4 lb memory foam because it was softer and people preferred it. Cheaper maybe? I do not know.

Yes, you are correct, the specs online are different. hmmmmm. Looks like they added more base foam and went from 5 to 4 lb memory foam. Is that a good thing???

My husband is 6’2" and 175 on a fat day and I am 5’4’ and 130 on a skinny day :slight_smile: I think we may be ok with 4 lb memory foam. Spend 25 - 30% of my life in bed.

Hi tush915,

As far as I know … they have used 4 lb memory foam for some time. It’s also true that 4 lb memory foam is generally (not always) softer feeling and a little faster response (less memory) than 5 lb memory foam and can be a little cooler as well … but it’s also less durable and less costly.

Until they were bought by Marcus Investments fairly recently, Verlo used to be owned by VyMac who also owns EcoSleep and were in partnership with Gold Bond who all make similar mattresses using 4 lb cool contour memory foam and an acella-flex base layer of 2.0 - 2.1 lbs. You can see a few quick examples here and here (and there are many others) of mattresses that use the same materials, the same thickness or more memory foam, and sell for significantly less.

Based on the materials, I personally wouldn’t pay the prices you mentioned for this mattress especially when you consider that other manufacturers that use the exact same materials have similar mattress for significantly less. While Verlo is usually better than average value … if the prices you mentioned are correct then I wouldn’t consider these to be good value at all.

If I was in Chicagoland … I personally wouldn’t buy any mattress without visiting Quality Sleep Shop who are members here and not only have some of the best quality and value in the area but in the entire country as well. A forum search on qualitysleep or on mygreenmattress (you can just click these) will bring up more information about them.


Well, that is certainly interesting. You are right, the prices are much cheaper. Quality Sleep is about an hour and a half from here. Snow on the forecast for this weekend so maybe we will head down net weekend. Thanks for all your help. Will report back after we contact or visit Qualty Sleep. They do not have prices of their memory foam mattresses on line.

Hi tush915,

I hope you don’t get hit too hard.

I don’t know the specific prices (although you could call them while you’re waiting for the snow) but I think you will be very pleasantly surprised at both the quality and value you find there … and their knowledge and help is great as well. Tim and his staff are very laid back and relaxed and a pleasure to deal with.