Cirrus Luxe ES

I’m looking to purchase my first foam mattress and was going to get a Tempurpedic Cloud Luxe. But then I stumbled upon Select Foam Inc and am now considering the Cirrus Luxe ES. My issue is I can’t find much on the company or the product. Has anyone had personal lexpereince with the company, and the Cirrus Luxe ES. I’m leary of spending $3,500 on a product that has very little info available on it.

Check the sticky threads and do some searches. There is lots on that mattress as well as the “Ultimate Dreams 13” from Amazon/DreamFoam Bedding and the “Cool Luxe” from Brooklyn Bedding.

We ultimately got the Cool Luxe and love it. We went with Cool Luxe over Cirrus Luxe because of several threads here talking about Select Foam being shady.

Look at my previous posts, I have a lot of comparison threads of the different similar mattresses.

Hi Millenor,

They are a member here which means that based on my many conversations with them and on their transparency, the quality of the materials they use in their mattresses, and on their designs and options (including their return options), I would consider them to be among the best quality and value choices in the country. They use the same quality (or better) materials as Tempurpedic and have much lower prices.

I’m not sure where your pricing is coming from because their Cirrus Luxe ES is $2299 even in king size (the most expensive size) unless of course you are buying two mattresses and a foundation (split king) which is significantly more no matter who you buy from (the “equivalent” Tempurpedic Cloud Luxe for example would be about $6500 and the Cloud Luxe Breeze would be about $8500 in split king).

You can read a little more in post #2 here about how they “match” their mattresses to the Tempurpedic lineup.


PS: I just noticed Paladin732’s comments about being “shady” (which was written while I was typing my own reply) and I believe this has implications which are not helpful, don’t reflect the quality or value of their mattresses or their ethics, and are not accurate at all based on my own personal knowledge and many hours of in depth conversations with them.

If I could try the mattress my worries would be gone. Does anyone know of a place that sells the Cirrus Luxe ES in Cincinnati or northern Kentucky? I may end of having to go with a Tempurpedic just because I know exactly what I’m getting.

Hi Millennor,

The only place they are sold locally is Brickell Mattress which is their bricks and mortar showroom in Miami Fl.

Other than that, you could use the equivalent Tempurpedic models to test a mattress with a similar feel and performance to all of their models (they have a “match” for all the Tempurpedics) and of course if for some reason the mattress doesn’t feel similar to you (once it has broken in) then they have a great return policy where they pay for the return shipping.


Are you affiliated with Select Foam?

Hi Millenor,

I certainly wouldn’t be recommending the number of different manufacturers I do on this forum if I was affiliated with any of them but to answer your question directly … no I’m not connected with or affiliated with any of the manufacturers that are members of this site or with any of the hundreds of other manufacturers or retailers that are listed in a favorable light in the many forum lists.

My comments and comparisons (and any invitations for a manufacturer or retailer to become a member of the site) are based on my research, the quality of the materials in the mattresses, the value of their mattresses (as subjective as any “value” assessment may be), the knowledge and transparency of the manufacturer, and on my knowledge of and conversations with the people who make them.


Hi Millenor,
I totally understand your concern with not being able to experience the Cirrus Luxe ES for yourself prior to purchase, however I didn’t know if you were aware of our 90 day money back guarantee on every one of our memory foam beds. If you are not satisfied with your Cirrus Luxe ES after purchasing it, you will have a full 90 days to return the bed with a full refund and free shipping both ways. In fact we will subsidize up to half the price difference towards the competing Tempurpedic model on top of your full refund for the Select Foam bed if you are unhappy with our product. It is in this way that we ensure Select Foam is a 100% risk-free investment to the customer.

Many thanks,

I appreciate your response. Your customer service rep has been very helpful over the phone answering my questions and concerns. I’m beginning to think I may go with your product over the Tempur-pedic. I still have some research to do but your input has been useful.


Still searching for anyone that has purchased a Cirrus Luxe ES. If you have one, or have at least sampled one, please give me some feedback.

If I purchase the Cirrus Luxe ES and purchase the white glove package, who delivers and assembles the bed and adjustable frame? Since you have no stores anywhere near my city, who do you employ? I don’t want a couple of guys hired off Craig’s list coming into my house.

Hi Millennor,

I’m not sure how frequently Select Foam monitors all the threads here so it may be an idea to call and ask them.

It would also be great if you could post their reply here because others may also have the same question and be interested in their reply.


The following is the e-mail I received from one of Select Foam’s sales associates, Peter Guerrero:

Dear Mr. Millenor,
We only use Certified White Glove Delivery Depots. I would have two possibilities:

One is to set up White Glove with Reverie for the adjustable base and then send you the mattress for you to just put on the adjustable base. This is fast as I would pay the White Glove to Reverie and they would expedite the shipping.

Second is to set the White Glove delivery with the company that manages those for us and they would pick the base and mattress and deliver to you at your convenience.

Either way will be performed by professional delivery personnel.

Thank you,

How long has Select Foam been in business? Their warranty and return polices appear to be solid, but that means nothing if they’re out of business next year.

Hi Millenor,

They’ve been in business for a little over 7 years.


As a newbie to this site, let me say it’s great. It’s been very valuable in searching for my first foam mattress. I would also like to thank Winnie who purchased the mattress that I’m going to get, the Cirrus Luxe ES, back in January. Her feedback was what I needed to hear tp pull the trigger. I’m ordering the mattress and adjustable frame Monday, so I’ll update the site as necessary about the experience, and the mattress, when it arrives. I’m also getting the white glove delivery service, adjustable frame and mattress delivered and installed, and the old mattress removed. So I will update the site on that expereince, too.

Thanks, Phoenix, your input has been valuable, too. I’ve already advised friends in the market for a mattress to this site.

Hi Millenor,

Congratulations on your new mattress :slight_smile:

I’m happy you were able to find answers to your concerns and I think you made a great quality/value choice. It’s not always easy deciding on a mattress that you haven’t tested in person and I certainly understand the uncertainty and doubts that most people feel with an online mattress purchase.

I’m looking forward to your feedback when you receive it.


The invoice I received from Select Foam reflecting my purchase included a link to view your account. I tried to access that link and it doesn’t work. So I went to Select Foam’s website and tried to access my account through the link at the bottom of their page…it doesn’t work, either. Nor does the sign in link. All of the other sales and product info links work. I’m not one to panic at the drop of a hat, but this does raise a red flag for me. Especially since I just spent $3,300 and was interested in seeing my account with their company.

Many things on Select Foam’s website do not work properly. For example:

  • The warranty information on their site is inconsistent (in some places, it is a lifetime warranty, in other places its a 10-year warranty, and other places its a 20-year warranty).
  • The third image in the rotating banner on the homepage says “Additional 20% off…” and there is a link to “Learn More” yet the “Learn More” button takes you nowhere.

I’ve raised both of these issues with Select Foam within the past month, and yet nothing has been fixed. This raises major red flags for me.

If you want to give Select Foam the benefit of the doubt (based solely on Phoenix’s recommendation), then perhaps Select Foam makes good quality mattresses but that their company business practices are really poor. In the worst case, who knows? Can you imagine Amazon or any established retailer making the same mistakes, acknowledging their existence, and then not fixing them?

Point well taken. I did chat with a person I found on this site named Winnie who purchased the same product I did. Her experience was Select Foam was good so that’s why I went with Select Foam. I’m going to be patient and judge them by the product and if the delivery/set-up service is good. They have been around for 7 years so they must be doing something right. But whether my experience is good or bad, I will certainly post it to this site.