Cloud Luxe close out aggressive discount - comparing to Ultimate Dreams 13"

Hi everyone-

My wife and I are mattress shopping. We really liked the Cloud Luxe at the store this weekend, but not the price. After research on this site, I was about to order an Ultimate Dreams 13" but wanted to double check if I preferred the Luxe or Supreme at the store before ordering. At the store, they told me that Tempurpedic is about to close out the Cloud series and is offering deep discounting (may just be sales talk). The Cloud Luxe King which was $4200 for the mattress, is now $2100. It’s a great deal, but not sure if it’s still $1200 better than the Ultimate Dreams. I know you get 10 years extra of a pro-rated warranty and the peace of mind to easily return to store, but that seems to be it.

Couple questions:

  • Has anyone dealt with returns/exchanges for DreamFoam products? I reached out to the company but haven’t heard back yet. I’d like to order the Ultimate Dreams 13" and be able to exchange it for a slightly more firm mattress if we find it too soft.
  • If we get the Tempurpedic, I’d prefer to get one of the ~$150 bases on Amazon instead of the $500 base from them. Does anyone know if this voids your warranty? They mentioned it may if the base causes any issues, not sure how likely that is.


Hi brandonb,

You can see the closeout information on the Tempurpedic site here. If they are selling it new at that price it would be a very good price compared to Tempurpedics regular prices but these are already inflated compared to other mattresses that use the same or better quality materials so comparing it with other similar mattresses that use the same quality materials that would be similar in terms of durability would be a much more meaningful comparison.

A warranty only applies if there is a visible impression that is deeper than the warranty exclusion and the biggest reason that a mattress needs to be replaced is the softening of the comfort layers and the loss of comfort and support which are more “virtual impressions” which aren’t covered by a warranty. There is more about mattress warranties in post #174 here.

There is also more about the ways that one mattress can “match” another one in post #9 here. A mattress that is similar in comfort or support may also have a different “feel” depending on the specifics of the design and properties of the materials compared to a “reference” mattress that you want to approximate.

If the mattress is fulfilled by Dreamfoam then you would need to pay for any shipping charges involved which may be prohibitive (probably in the range of a minimum of $200 or more but you would need to discuss the specifics with them).

If the mattress is fulfilled by Amazon then there would be no TMU pillow bonus and it would be subject to the Amazon large items return policy (you would need to return it uncompressed). There is some more information about this here but I would confirm the specific costs involved before a purchase.

The Tempurpedic warranty terms are here and it includes …

… so this would indicate that it wouldn’t meet the warranty criteria.