Coils vs all foam for sensitive side sleeper

Wondering the industry opinions here because it seems to differ depending on the the website.
As a base layer, would coils or foam (either HR or latex) be better overall for a sleeper who is very sensitive to pressure? I’ve seen conflicting advice in terms of which is most conforming.

I’ve been able to sleep on spring beds in the past, but only with multiple toppers. And also to sleep on an all foam bed, but again, with multiple toppers, but slightly less pain possibly compared to a spring bed.

Ultimately, would like to choose an all latex bed, but the thickness I would need probably would make it way to expensive or heavy to move. Any advice ya’ll have given for people with bursitis or fibro probably applies here. Preference of foam vs coil?

There is nothing more conforming and pressure relieving than an all latex design. One topper and one 6" core is all you need but it has to be the right firmness for both. My recommendation would depend on several factors so a phone call would be best. 888-773-7326

Great. Will try to give a call later this week. 5"7’ , 145#, 40’s, side sleeper, pain/hip/bursitis/lower back issues.

Also for reference, I tried a friend’s Avocado Eco organic mattress. 2in latex over pocket coils. Much pain. could not last for more than 30 mins on this bed.