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Not long ago, my wife and I decided it was time to retire our 25 year old Serta concrete block of a mattress. I went through all the information on the web about mattresses, and usually ended up here since the site is really great and chock full of good info. I became convinced that a latex mattress was the right way to go, so we looked at the iComforts and Optimums and came away unimpressed.

Then I saw some discussion here about Comfort Sleep Systems in Brandford CT. I like the idea of working with a long-time family operation instead of the big chains like Macy’s and so on, and this store was the closest one of that type to our home in the Hudson Valley of NY. So, this past weekend, I went there to see what they had.

I wanted a 100 percent latex mattress, and they offered that. I wanted Talalay, too, and they had that. I wanted natural instead of synthetic, and they had models which were a blend of the two, so I figured that would work. They worked with Latex International, which I figured was the right supplier of latex to get. And I wanted a good selection to choose from, and they had that.

I checked out their Ultra Performance model, which the salesperson said was their biggest seller. It was OK, but a little firm, to me. But right next to it was the same model, but with a foam pillow top, too. It was the Outrageous model, and it was incredibly comfortable to me when I tried it out. So, I put my sticker shock aside and bought it in the King size.

Now, I’m a side sleeper who tends to flip all around after falling asleep. My wife is pretty much just a side sleeper. But there is a disparity in our sizes. I’m well over twice her weight (the specifics of which will remain private…) but suffice it to say, we are much different body profiles. Some people here address this by getting a mattress with different layers on each side. The Outrageous didn’t have that, but you can work with the shop to get a custom order mattress if you want. Anyway, I was concerned that the mattress might not work for one or the other of us, but after spending so many years on the very hard Serta we had, I figured, what the heck, nothing could be worse than that.

I wasn’t able to get any information about the ILD of the layers, either, though that information is available if you ask the owner. So I didn’t know exactly how soft or firm the mattress really is. I just know how it felt.

The mattress (and foundation) came yesterday, so last night was our first night sleeping on it. The proof is in the pudding, as the saying goes.

All I can say is that this is the absolutely most comfortable bed I have ever experienced. My wife said the same thing. It’s soft where it needs to be, and lets you nestle down into the mattress just the right amount. But it also supports you where you need it, too. All in all, this is a really great mattress. I guess we took a little bit of a risk, not knowing the ILD specifics and all that. But the point is that too many people spend too much time worrying too much about all the product specifications. I went through all that, too. But I ended up buying a mattress without knowing the specifics. I only knew how it felt in the store. And, wow, was I right. After all of one night, we could NOT be happier with it.

If you’re close enough to drive to CT, I’d recommend this store. A nice operation, nice staff, great products, and fast delivery. What else can you ask for? Oh, sure, a lower price, but you get what you pay for.

Hi mowgli,

Thanks so much for taking the time to write such a great review of your complete experience with CSS.

I have talked with them on several occasions and like you I think very highly of them and the quality of their mattresses and perhaps most importantly the way they work with their customers.

I think you did well … and it’s great to see another consumer recognizing some of the real “value” that is offered by the better local manufacturers.

Congratulations on your new mattress :slight_smile:


That’s great to hear. I’ve tested a lot of different mattresses over the last 15 years or so as we are on a 3-5 year cycle that we have hopefully now broken. Of the mattresses that I have tried Pure Latex Bliss Nutrition was the best but I did not buy it. Instead I tried to duplicate it myself in a multi layer configurable bed. I figured I can always go and but the PLB if my custome setup doesn’t work, plus if my custom setup gets “tired” I can swap out a layer and be good as new again. It would be really intersting to know what the config is on the Outrageous. Hope it lasts you many many years.

Four years on, here’s an update on the Outrageous…

A valley has developed on my side of the bed. (Like I said, I’m no little guy.) It is deep and narrow, and in some ways it can be cocoon-like and comfortable. But it’s pretty deep, and makes it difficult to spread out or turn over. This is the exact reason why I got a full latex mattress, because my older coil spring mattresses all developed valleys like this, and I wanted to avoid that in our new mattress.

I flipped it over, and kept the valley on my side. For a night, it seemed better, but then the valley got bad again. Then I got a 3 inch memory foam topper (Martha Stewart, on sale at Macy’s) and that made the bed a lot more comfortable. But the valley was still there.

Actually, the mattress has always been comfortable - soft and supportive. It’s just this valley that makes me unhappy with it. I measured the depth of the valley, and I might be able to go back to the store and get some kind of credit on a new one, but honestly, I wouldn’t get this type of mattress again, so it wouldn’t be worth the effort.

I liked the idea of a latex mattress, but I wish there was one which didn’t develop a valley like this one does. For the money, it shouldn’t. But others here had pointed out that the top foam layer wasn’t worth the extra cost, and getting a topper was a better idea. That was the correct idea. I’ve since gotten toppers for 2 other beds in the house, and wow, they make a real difference.

Anyway, I wish I had better news to report. But now I’m looking for a new mattress again, and this one won’t be full latex.

Hi mowgli,

I’m sorry your Outrageous mattress isn’t working out for you as well as you had liked. :frowning:

Without seeing the mattress and knowing the exact specifications of what is inside (details that you stated you weren’t as interested in when you made your original purchase), I’m sorry I can’t comment too much on what might not be working so well for you. But if I had to guess, it would be the polyfoam in the quilt on top that may not have been a match for you at your higher BMI.

Post #3 here has more information and suggestions about heavier weights that would be worth reading down the road as you approach your next mattress purchase.

Thanks for your update.


“But if I had to guess, it would be the polyfoam in the quilt on top that may not have bene a match for you at your higher BMI.”

No, it wasn’t. The upper layer of polyfoam flattened out very quickly. It was never worth the extra cost. The valley was caused by failure of the inner layers.

Any my BMI is just fine, thanks.

Hi mowgli,

Thanks for the extra feedback on your mattress. That’s too bad that the inner layers of you mattress got too soft for you., as well as the upper layers. It may be worth you checking with Comfort Sleep if it falls under warranty guidelines, as you suspect, as they do have other offerings there and they might be able to provide you with a different product besides latex that better suits your needs.

My suggestion of you reading about considerations for higher BMIs are not a commentary on whether or not your BMI is fine, but instead suggestions for consideration on you next mattress, as from your original post you stated that your weight is “well over twice” the weight of you wife, so a reasonable assumption could place you in a range over 200 pounds where you might want to consider higher density polyfoams or memory foams in your next mattress, should you go in a different direction from latex, which seems to be your indication.


I realize this is an older post and I’m taking a chance that the original poster may still be here. I’m also looking at the Outrageous at CSS. They offer it in 2 support layer options… what they call “Extra Firm” and “Medium Firm”. They have a bed set up in a split configuration. We liked the “Extra Firm” side a little better but it’s difficult to tell from laying on it for a few minutes.
I’m curious if the OP might know if they went with the “Extra Firm” or “Medium Firm” option.

For reference my BMI is 26.5 and hers is 21.2.

Hi caymaninct.

Welcome to our Mattress Forum! :slight_smile:

Hopefully, mowgli is still keeping an eye on TMU and sees your post. It would be great to hear a 7 years update. :wink:
Good luck with your decision and let us know if we can be of any help.