Comfort Solutions - poor quality and poor customer service

:angry: I purchased a Comfort Solutions I Mattress and after 3 months a hole formed in it. They inspected the mattress and said looks lie something failed inside. Then they saw a small stain and said sorry no warranty, but we will sell you a new one at a reduced price. What a rip off. There warranty clearly states Any product found to be in a Unreasonably Unsanitary Condition, meaning the product is so pervasively soiled that an inspector is unable to conduct an appropriate inspection of the product. It was inspected, he even lifted it to see what the mattress was sitting on. I have tried contacting the home office of Comfort Solutions but they never ever answered my email. I would be very careful about buying any mattress made by Comfort Solutions, because they have no customer service and they make up there own warranty rules.

Has anyone else had a problem like this?

Hi steveu,

Unfortunately this is the “norm” with the major manufacturers who are “specialists” at avoiding warranty claims. Even a water stain will void a warranty even if you make it past the other warranty exclusions such as the depth of the impressions.

Unfortunately warranties can mean very little and even at the best of times don’t have anything to do with the useful life of a mattress (see post #174 here for more about warranties). This is just one more reason to avoid some of the major manufacturers in the industry who are much more accountable to their corporate interests, than they are to their customers.

Unfortunately your complaint is very common and widespread throughout the industry and online.

You may want to consider filing a complaint with the BBB and your state attorney general’s office. It may also help if you have a retailer that will “go to bat” for you although if you purchased it from a mainstream store or chain store then they may also not be so co-operative.

Smaller manufacturers are much more responsive to legitimate warranty claims and tend to lean in the direction of their customers in the “gray areas” of the warranty terms although I know that’s of no help in your current situation.