Comparing Vi Spring, Latex, and Rhapsody Breeze

Hi Mzxie,

You are the only one that can feel what you feel on a mattress and there are too many unknowns, variables, and personal preferences involved for anyone to be able to predict or make a specific suggestion or recommendation about which mattress would be the best “match” for you in terms of PPP (Posture and alignment, Pressure relief, and Personal preferences) based on specs (either yours or a mattress) or “theory at a distance” that can possibly be more accurate than your own personal testing or sleeping experience (see mattress firmness/comfort levels in post #2 here).

The first place to start your research is the mattress shopping tutorial here which includes all the basic information, steps, and guidelines you will need to make the best possible choice … and know how and why to avoid the worst ones. If you follow the steps in the tutorial one at a time you will have the best possible chance of making the most suitable, the most durable, and the “best value” choice for your own specific needs and preferences.

Two of the more important links in the tutorial that I would especially make sure you’ve read are post #2 here which has more about the different ways to choose a suitable mattress that is the best “match” for you in terms of PPP (Posture and alignment, Pressure relief, and Personal preferences) that can help you assess and minimize the risks of making a choice that doesn’t turn out as well as you hoped for that are involved in each of them and post #13 here which has more about the most important parts of the “value” of a mattress purchase which can help you make more meaningful quality/value comparisons between mattresses in terms of suitability, durability, and value.

This is a fairly typical comment for memory foam mattresses although there are some types of memory foam that don’t have quite as much of a “stuck in the mattress” feel as others. You can also see my comments about Tempurpedic in post #2 here and the posts it links to. Memory foam is somewhat of a “love it or hate it” material and there are many people who buy it based more on marketing than on how they actually feel on a mattress and it certainly isn’t for everyone or perhaps even a majority of people. In very general terms Tempurpedic uses good quality and durable materials but for most people they aren’t in a particularly good value range compared to many other memory foam mattresses that use similar or even higher quality materials and are in much lower budget ranges.

[quote]The Vi Spring Regal Superb needed a horsetail topper for my petite body but my hips were raise about one inch. I tried it with their wool topper and it was too soft.
The Vi Spring Coronet gave me a straight alignment but it didn’t feel supportive on my lower back region. I tried it with the horsetail topper and it was too firm. Tried it with the wool topper, too soft.
The ‘pure’ Latex medium was a flat board with and without a topper. One of their two choice foundations for their Latex mattress is an impressive adjustable wood slats that moves with the body and has adjustable upper portion for firm or soft.[/quote]

There is more about some of the ultra premium mattresses such as Vi Spring in post #2 here and post #2 here.

In some cases a mattress in this budget range may be “worth it” for a particular person that isn’t price sensitive and that has specific criteria that aren’t available in lower budget ranges but this would be unusual and in general I would need a very compelling reason that clearly indicated there was “enough” of a difference in “real life” compared to many other mattresses that may be just as suitable in terms of PPP, just as durable, and that are in much lower budget ranges to justify the higher cost based on all the parts of your personal value equation that are most important to you.

[quote]The Sleep Nation store in Denver has a Latex model Wazee. It felt like a soft flat board and softer than Urban Latex model. There wasn’t a moldable supportive feel for my back and side.
I am back to square one and frustrated.[/quote]

Latex is among the highest quality and most durable materials in the industry but there are hundreds of different designs of latex mattresses in the market with different firmness levels and that use different types and blends of latex. Like any other type of mattress, some of them may be a great “match” for you in terms of PPP and others may be completely unsuitable for you to sleep on. Part of the goal of trying different types of mattress is to find the specific mattresses (latex or otherwise) that are the best match for you. Like memory foam … some people love the feel and performance of latex or that they are sleeping more “on” the mattress than “in” the mattress and that there is more freedom of movement and some people don’t and prefer other types of mattresses. I would also be very cautious about using how a mattress “feels” in a showroom which is more subjective as a reliable guideline to how well you will sleep on it and I would use the testing guidelines in the tutorial to help you decide on which mattress is the best “match” for you in terms of PPP. There is also more about how latex and memory foam compare in post #2 here.

The tutorial post includes a link to two lists that include most of the better online options I’m aware of (in the optional online step) and the better options and possibilities I’m aware of in and around the Denver area (subject to the quality/value guidelines I linked earlier in the post) are listed in post #2 here.