Cool Luxe Review

It’s been 2 1/2 months since I got my mattress. I won’t say it’s been perfect from day one. Needed some pillow adjustment for the side sleeping. When I’m on my back I need my feet a little elevated. Good thing I got an adjustable base. I have been sleeping much better. Still feel I’m sleeping a little hot, but a silk mattress topper has been ordered, so hopefully that will help with that one aspect.

I want to thank Phoenix for answering questions and for this site. And thanks to Mario from Brooklyn Beds for his suggestions for my back sleeping issues.

I’m still adjusting a bit to the change from an inner spring to a memory foam. Just the difference in the feel.

Hi Chirurgeon,

Thanks for your comments and feedback … I appreciate it :slight_smile:

I know that for some people it can take longer to adjust to the “feel” of a new type of sleeping surface that is somewhat unfamiliar and different from the "sleeping memory " that the body is used to.

I’ll be interested in your feedback about the silk topper as well. It is certainly a very temperature regulating material but can also affect the feel of the mattress below it and I hope you have the chance to let us know your thoughts and feedback about it.


I will let you know how the silk topper goes.

I received the silk topper and made the bed with it Saturday. Four nights sleeping, I have seen a small decrease in the sleeping temperature. Not as much as I hoped. But I suspect the only thing that would give the coolness I want is one of those water cooled mattress pads. Several hundred dollars and I’m not sure about them.

The actual comfort of the bed hasn’t changed so that’s good.

I have a feeling I need to cool the room in general. I may have a new ac unit next year.

Hi Chirurgeon,

Thanks for the update. It’s interesting that it didn’t change the feel of the mattress for you.

The room temperature can certainly make a difference with memory foam.

It would be great if you are comfortable letting us know which silk topper you purchased in case others were interested in trying it as well.


I ordered from Amazon. Silk mattress topper from Lily Silk grade A mulberry silk lining.

Hi Chirurgeon,

Thanks :slight_smile:

For those that are interested the link is here