Deciding Factors?

Our old discount mattress is very dead. We reviewed the tutorials and went out looking, checking out mattresses at Scott Jordan in Brooklyn and Long’s in Manhattan (we’re in Brooklyn). Of course, we liked the most expensive mattresses. We are both short (5’3 and 5’5,) and so.what heavy: 218 lbs and 185 lbs). I’m a back sleeper who sometimes flips on my side. He’s a side sleeper who sometimes ends up on his back. We have a queen size bed, but I’m considering going to a CA King. And, of course, we had 2 different preferences. I like the Narvik mattress from Berkeley Ergonomics. It has a wool and camel top layer. I tried a wool pillow once and within 6 months it had compressed and was no longer comfortable. The Narvik has a wool and camel top layer. Is that going to compress and flatten so that it won’t be comfortable in a few years? My husband says he can live with the Narvik if my concern is alleviated.
His 1st choice is s McRoskey Modern Collection Sunset. We are both hot sleepers and I’m wondering whether a mattress with latex will be better for us.

Which brings me to the 3rd and most expensive choice: Garrison by Shifman. None of these mattresses are cheap (Berkeley Ergo $3420 Queen, McRoskey $5000 for the Queen, and the Garrison is $6800 for the Queen - and these are just the mattress prices, we’ll need foundations for the McRoskey and Shifman ones) So I want to make an informed decision. Any advice? Any answers to my 2 questions?

Hi Brooklyn Returnee, and welcome to The Mattress Underground :slight_smile:

First, I suggest, if you have not already done so, to take a look at themattress shopping tutorial, as well as the Mattress Specifications you need to know and the mattress durability guidelines to get a better idea of what to look for in a mattress, materials and components and see how they last over time. Any mattress you consider will feel different to different sleepers using it. This is based on the sleepers’ stats(height, BMI, sleeping position(s) and any underlying health issues) and their PPP(posture and alignment, pressure relief, and personal preferences). Thanks for providing your stats…As you are both higher BMI, and sleep on your sides and back, you need a good supportive mattress. You are shopping the correct way, by testing different types and materials to see what feels best to you both.

As for your questions: Berkley Ergonomics produced the Narvik for Jordons’ Furniture. It has as you say, a cotton with wool and camel hair cover, with 3 sets of coils (from top down: microcoils, minicoils, and Swedish pocket coils) and two layers of Talalay.

The camel/wool cover is a breathable, temperature regulating layer to allow air circulation between the sleepers and the latex. Camels (laminoids) can handle extreme temperature variations, UV exposure, moisture control. Aside from price which is a major consideration your choice for Camel hair surface based on sleeping hot is excellent. Unlike a wool pillow, which compresses with use, the quilted cover should not have noticeable meaningful ‘flattening’ with normal use for several reasons. The thickness of the top quilt usually accommodates for any compression over time of the quilt layers without detracting from the overall comfort. It will create a more superficial cradle that is not deep enough to affect comfort, then the layer of Camel hair (add link is placed on top of the wool (from French plain-air sheep) used in the quilting has longer fibers and curlier which does not compress as easily and is superior in that respect to mechanically crimped wool fiber. You can read more about Camel hair advantages here Is Camel Hair Considered Wool? | Camelus | Sustainable Products (insert link)
I would be however concerned about the ¾ inch of soft latex on top of the micro coils as at your BMI is very likely to wear out much faster for higher weight range BMIs and you may start to feel coils below. Lower density latex (which will be softer) will break down much sooner. So I’d make a call and try to find out how this mattress holds up for heavier sleepers.

Aside from being much pricier, the McRoskey Sunset, like many major retail brands, are not transparent with details and specifications of their mattresses. It is a flippable mattress with a cotton/wool cover and pocketed innersprings. Without detailed info on the components, for the price, this raises red flags for me.

The Shifman Garrison is not only very expensive but it is likewise light on provided specifications on the density and materials used in their components; this is also a flippable hybrid with pocketed coils, wool and cotton cover, and latex with a cashmere comfort layer. Without specific details its’ difficult to comment on this.

As to whether a latex mattress will be ‘better’ for you – if you find a latex mattress comfortable, then the answer is yes; no one can tell you which type of mattress is ‘right’ for you both, except you. Larger sleepers do have to make sure they have proper support, along with comfort, which any good mattresses sakes associate should be able to advise on, My cautions on the last two above are that they are light on providing specifics, and are not inexpensive. While they may be fine, I cannot comment on their durability or continued comfort. If you are looking at other options or are considering online ordering, you may want to look at similar offerings by theTrusted membersof the site…by providing them a little info about you both they have much experience providing ideal mattresses to sleepers, and are completely transparent about the materials and details of their components to allow you to make a good choice. Many also carry a variety of foundations to complete your sleep system, or can advise on what sort of platform would be best for the mattress you choose

~ Basilio

Thanks, Basilio, for your very helopful rply. I’ve reached out to Berkeley Ergonomics and will see if I can get some more info on the longevity of their Navik with high BMI users. I’m now thinking that we might be happier with an all latex mattress maybe with a good topper. I plan to check out Birch Luxe Natural Mattress. Any insights into the Birch Luxe? It uses cashmere and wool as the comfort layer.

Hi Brooklyn Returnee,

Glad I could help. I hope Berkeley can provide some answers for you. Keep in mind an all latex mattress can have a completely different general feel and responsiveness than the Berkley and McRoskey, and Garrison you tried, so I suggest you make another test trip to see if an all latex is something you like , it can be very comfortable and it can last you a good many years.

I took a look at the birch natural luxe, it’s an 8" layer of wrapped coils, a layer of latex of unspecified thickness/firmness, and several layers of wool and cashmere with an organic quilted top and a woven cotton cover. As thickness and firmness work together in terms of comfort-support balance I’d like to know the thickness of the latex or details of the wool and cashmere layers. That being said, cashmere and wool are becoming a more popular material in toppers and mattress comfort layers; it’s breathable, very soft and relatively durable. As the Birch is not overly expensive - it does look well made and has certified organic materials - it really just comes down to how you enjoy the ‘feel’ of the mattress. You’re narrowing the options down, and that’s great!

Let us know how the Birch felt for you and if you had a chance to try an all latex mattress.

~ Basilio