delivery to mexico

Does anyone know of a way to get international delivery to Mexico? I am looking for a latex mattress, which are almost impossible to find here. I think this would be better for the hot nights over the memory foam, although if I am wrong feel free to correct me.
I was looking at the ultimate dreams on Amazon, but international shipping is impossible. It was the price more than a need to buy that particular model that attracted me to it, so I am flexible in terms of make and model. My price range goes up to about 1000 dollars.

Hi call2coll,

I have no idea who may deliver to Mexico but it may be worth calling Ken or Greg at Arizona Premium because they also make a latex/polyfoam hybrid that is in your budget (in King and less in smaller sizes) and they may have some experience shipping to Mexico.

Your choice of latex … especially with a good breathable quilting/ticking and cool bedding (protector, sheets, and blankets) would certainly help keep you cooler in the heat of Mexico. I’ll never forget my one trip to Mexico and when I got off the plane the heat and humidity was like a wall and it stayed that way for the two weeks I was there. I’ve never been so sunburned in my life :slight_smile:


Thanks Phoenix. I will give your advice a try, fingers crossed I will manage to get a decent mattress after all these years. Apart from the sunburn, did you have a good time while you were here?

Hi call2coll,

It was a long time ago but I had a great time. I did some para-sailing, found out how much I loved tree ripened mangoes on a stick, drank some cerveza (well OK more than some at times) at the local senor frogs, was amazed at how well the local lizards can climb walls, did some bartering at the local markets, ate some great food, found out how scary traffic can really be, but most of all met some wonderfully friendly and good people. Lots of good memories even many years later :slight_smile:

I hope that you have success but just in case I’ll keep an eye out in my research for various outlets that may ship to Mexico. If you are near a border town as well there might be a local outlet that will ship across the border.


I too live in Mexico and am trying to figure out how to get a good latex mattress. I’ve been considering the casper queen size which we might be able to fly down with. They give a 40 day trial period, but I’m not sure, once it’s unpacked and has expanded how one might go about returning it…

There’s also a latex mattress, Mexican made, here:

But I have no idea how to go about figuring out if it’s full of toxic flame retardants or what…

OP: what did you end up getting and how?

Hi basily,

[quote]There’s also a latex mattress, Mexican made, here:

But I have no idea how to go about figuring out if it’s full of toxic flame retardants or what…[/quote]

The latex itself wouldn’t be toxic of course but if you ask them about the rest of the materials in their mattress or the type of flame retardant barrier they use then they should be able to tell you.

In the optional online step in the tutorial post there is a link to a list of the members here that sell online and many of them make latex or latex hybrid mattresses that include a wide variety of designs, features, options, and price ranges and it would be worth talking to them and asking because some of them may be able to ship to Mexico.


Thanks Phoenix - I only just saw your reply (forgot to subscribe to the thread before). I’ll check the link and inquire about shipping to Mexico. I understand that under NAFTA a mattress should be duty free (if made in US, Canada or Mexico), right? But unfortunately, Mexican customs is a bit of a black hole sometimes so I rarely risk having valuable items shipped here. Anyway, it’s certainly worth looking into and if one of the online vendors has experience with shipping to Mexico then they might also know the ins and outs…

Hi basily,

I wrote a more detailed reply to your other post here.

Yes that’s correct.


Oh! My brother works for courier services Dallas. I can ask him this thing is also possible. There are a lot of things which we don’t get in our country but other and then we have to pay extra for that. There must be something that should come up so that we have to pay less shipping cost.