Diamond Mattress - Spinal Comfort - Star specs?

Hello -
We went shopping today in the Palm Springs area looking to lay on a few Diamond Mattress models after reading a number of forum posts here. But the model that they had in stock that we like the best is not currently listed on the Diamond Mattress website, nor did the retailer have any detailed specifications to describe what the layers were for the mattress. Does anyone have any details on the Diamond Mattress - Spinal Comfort line - Star Pillowtop model?
Kate and JZ

Hi Kate and JZ,

My guess is it would be one of the models listed on their site under a different name. Do you have any information on it such as the type and number of coils, the type of foam used, and the mattress height?

A call to Diamond might get you the information you need … although I’m surprised the retail outlet didn’t have the specs. Quite frankly it would be even easier for them to get them with a quick phone call if they really don’t have them and wanted to give them to you.


Well, for anyone looking at Diamond Mattress options in the Palm Springs area, here’s what we found out:

The “Star” model is made by Diamond Mattress specifically for the Mattress Showroom company. They don’t have specific information about the comfort layers. All they could tell us is that it has Visco-memory foam and individually wrapped coils.

As with other comments about trying to contact the manufacturer directly, don’t bother. We called six times and emailed twice - no reply.

We ended up going to Mattress Xpress in La Quinta. They had more models in stock to lay on: Royal Grove, Crescent Bay, a couple from the Ethos type, a couple from the Generations, and a few others that we weren’t interested in. Their pricing was comparable to the online store that we found offering the Royal Grove and Crescent Bay, Daniel’s Home Center.

We got the Crescent Bay Pillow Top. VERY excited to sleep on it. Good luck to all those looking for a new bed!

Hi Kzulaski,

You did exactly what I would have done … which is “go down the road” and buy a mattress that is just as good and where the layers are known from somewhere else. :slight_smile:

It’s inconceivable to me that someone in the Mattress Showroom Company retail didn’t know the details of a mattress that they themselves ordered and when I encounter an outlet that either can’t or won’t let me know this information … or doesn’t go and find out … then I wouldn’t give them any of my business.

I also have to say that I too have been frustrated in my efforts to talk with Diamond Mattress. While I recognize that they are a wholesale company and are much more used to dealing directly with a retail outlet … they have not been nearly as responsive to my attempts to have a few questions answered as many other wholesale manufacturers that have been more than happy to talk with me when a retailer couldn’t answer a question I had. From feedback I have seen … you and I are not the only ones who have experienced this.

Overall I like what Diamond is doing, and their value but they are not as transparent as they could be and I sure don’t like their lack of communication and willingness to talk with people who are “on their side” or who are seriously considering a purchase and have genuine questions about their mattresses.

Having said all that … congratulations on your new mattress! The crescent bay pillow top sounds great … and almost “decadent” … and I personally like decadent :slight_smile: