discovered an excellent resource on Polyurethane foam education !

here it is:

i am still reading Phoenix’s articles ( done with overviews, on to the specifics ). clearly Phoenix’s articles are more directly related to the business of mattress hunting or design, but if you’re like me and enjoy theoretical knowledge as much as practical knowledge and want to read up specifically on POLYURETHANE FOAM ( as opposed to comparisons like PU vs LATEX vs SPRING etc ) then i think you may find the link informative.

Hi g1981c,

I also think that the the PFA is a great resource and I’ve linked to many of the articles there in various forum posts. In some of the articles they also have some good information about comparing polyfoam to latex in various ways and some good information about some of the lesser used or known foam specs which are just as important as ILD/IFD (such as compression modulus).

If you are interested in more technical polyfoam stuff then some of these links or sites may also be of interest


Industy guide to fpf and some good stuff and a great glossary Resources & Documents Library - American Chemistry Council

Support factor and ride and good design and layering info for furniture Resources & Documents Library - American Chemistry Council

Bio polyols

Urethane chemistry Urethane & Polyurethane Basics - Chemistry - Processing

Good basic description of how foam is made

Bioh Polyols are over 70% plant based

Interesting patent with lots of information about memory foam and fillers and types of plant oils and more. EP2313446A1 - Natural resource based viscoelastic foams - Google Patents

Vegetable oil polyol information: Welcome to Chris Macosko's Research | Macosko Research Group

Collusion lawsuit Irwin Seating joins massive international price-fixing case with lawsuit filing -

Different types of polyfoam and their strengths and weaknesses (oxidation, water resistance, other forms of degradation etc) Wayback Machine

Basic polyurethane information

Good information on polyols and alternatives

Good thesis on foam The Furniture Industry’s Guide to Today’s Flexible Polyurethane Foam

Foam overview and selection Resources & Documents Library - American Chemistry Council

What is a polymer: What is a polymer?

Structure and properties of polyurethane foams obained from rapeseed oil polyols (with some info about other plant oils)

An overview of R & D in Palm Oil based polyols and polyurethanes in MPOB

Low cost polyols from natural oils

i am lost for words LOL