DIY Hybrid Help. Ordering from Arizona Mattress

Male: 170lbs 5’5" (50/50 side back sleeper) + Female: 115lbs 5’4" (50/50 side back sleeper)

I slept on a bed that I really liked made by Berkeley Ergonomics (Top to Bottom):
2" Super Soft Vita Talalay latex
3" Firm Vita Talalay Latex
Springs are 6 ¼"

I really liked the bed but it was also way out of my budget so I’m thinking of DIY from Arizona Mattress (Top to Bottom):
2" Soft Talalay 19 ILD (I was originally thinking super soft 14 ILD for additional hugging feeling, but the transition from the layer under it might be too harsh?)
3" Talalay 28 ILD ( I was previously thinking 32 ILD, but I think that was too hard)
Quantum Edge Bolsa 8" Springs

I slept on a bed with just the firm (28-32ILD) latex and I really like the support. The additional soft latex (14-19ILD) on top adds a hugging feel that I and my wife really like, that’s the only reason for the 2" on top. I also prefer hybrid (over 100% latex) just because it’s more breathable. we’re both really really hot sleepers.

Thank you and everyone else on this forum for the help. its been so educational! This modular design is def the way to go, for convenience and sustainability reasons. so smart! no more throwing out mattresses when most of it is still good.

The other thing I like to add is I (Male) currently have a Douglas aka novos beds. I HATE IT. the middle sags so much when I sleep on it now after 3 years. I came back from vacation sleeping on random hotel mattresses and bam! 1 night on the Douglas and I have lower back pain. I’ve been fighting back pain for 3 ish years and I’m really active, yoga, biking, hockey, chiro, physio, basically tried everything. I think my bed is a contributor to the problem. My back pain comes and goes but when it’s bad it’s really bad.

let me know if I’m on the right track. I’m open to suggestions and maybe adding layers later? Some feedback on 19ILD VS. 14ILD 2" Layer and the 28 vs. 32 ILD 3" layer would be awesome!

thank you so much. I’m super excited about this bed!

You don’t need my help, looks like you nailed it. Stick with the 28 and 19, 14 is too soft for your weight.

Thank you for those wonderful comments. Pretty sure our customers will strongly disagree.

Hi Ken,

thank you! I will be ordering soon! I already got a shipping quote, just need to get the USD together (ordering from Canada). I see you everywhere on the internet regarding this topic. you are so passionate about your line of work and educating the public! this makes me so much more comfortable knowing what’s inside the mattress and knowing I can replace layers for years to come.

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