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I’m looking at the Dream Foam Ult Dreams Cushion Firm Latex and their Gel Memory Foam mattress. They both seem nice for the price. Is there any comparable brand name that I could find in a store to try them out? I noticed that the memory foam mattress was campared to the Cloud Luxe but not really trusting that info. Anyone have either of these beds and can shed some light on a 1-10 firmness for the memory foam and quality for either. The latex seems to be the way to go firmness wise. Any help is appreciated.

Hi Splendid,

As you probably know Dreamfoam is a member of this site which means that I think highly of them and that I believe they compete well with the best in the industry in terms of their quality, value, service, and transparency.

There is more about the different ways that one mattress can match another one in post #9 here but when you can’t test a mattress in person then the most reliable source of guidance is always a more detailed phone conversation with a knowledgeable and experienced retailer or manufacturer that has your best interests at heart and who can help “talk you through” the specifics of their mattresses and the options they have available that may be the best “match” for you based on the information you provide them, any local testing you have done or mattresses you have slept on and liked that they are familiar with, and the “averages” of other customers that are similar to you. They will know more about “matching” their specific mattress designs to different body types, sleeping positions, and preferences or even to other mattresses that they are familiar with than anyone else.

I would also keep in mind that there are no “standard” definitions or consensus of opinions for firmness ratings and different manufacturers can rate their mattresses very differently than others so a mattress that one manufacturer rates as being a specific firmness could be rated very differently by another manufacturer. Different people can also have very different perceptions of firmness and softness compared to others as well and a mattress that feels firm for one person can feel like “medium” for someone else or even “soft” for someone else (or vice versa) depending on their body type, sleeping style, physiology, their frame of reference based on what they are used to, and their individual sensitivity and perceptions. There are also different types of firmness and softness that different people may be sensitive to that can affect how they “rate” a mattress as well (see post #15 here) so different people can also have very different opinions on how two mattresses compare in terms of firmness as well and some people may rate one mattress as being firmer than another and someone else may rate them the other way around. This is all relative and very subjective and is as much an art as a science.

I would also be very cautious about about using other people’s experiences or reviews on a mattress (either positive or negative) as a reliable source of information or guidance about how you will feel on the same mattress or how suitable or how durable a mattress may be for you and in many if not most cases they can be more misleading than helpful because a mattress that would be a perfect choice for one person or even a group of people may be completely unsuitable for someone else to sleep on (see post #13 here).

I don’t know of any other mattress that may be available locally that would “match” the Dream Foam Ultimate Dreams Cushion Firm Latex (although they may know of some) but they have said and much of the forum feedback has also indicated that for most people their 13" Gel memory foam mattress would have a similar firmness to the Tempurpedic Cloud Luxe (perhaps just a bit firmer) although of course some people may have different opinions about how closely two mattresses “match” each other than others.

Latex and memory foam mattresses both come in a very wide range of firmness levels but they are very different materials that feel completely different from each other. There is more about how latex compares to memory foam in post #2 here but the best way to know which type of materials you tend to prefer will be based on your own personal testing.

As I mentioned in the guidelines I linked earlier with your husband’s higher weight I would also make sure that not only is the mattress suitable for both of you but also that the type and density of all the materials and components in any mattress you are considering would be suitable for his weight in terms of durability because a mattress that would make a very durable choice for someone that is lighter may not be as durable for him.


I talked to Dreamfoam and they said their 13" gel memory foam mattress was comparable to the Tempurpedic Cloud supreme. Husband and I went testing today and loved the supreme. Also, the DF person said the comfort layers can be rearranged if it is to soft. Should I take this as gospel lol. Pretty comfy with doing this, just wanted a comfirmation.
Also, someone posted vis a vis adjustable frames and gave great info. Ended up with a super price on the softside 8300 from US Adjustable Beds. Thanks for that info!

Hi Splendid,

I think that there may have been some misunderstanding in your conversation with Dreamfoam and perhaps each end of the conversation was unknowingly talking about different mattresses.

The firmness of their 13" gel memory foam is most closely comparable to the Tempurpedic Cloud Luxe (possibly just a bit firmer) and the firmness of their 12" Supreme gel memory foam is most closely comparable to the Tempurpedic Cloud Supreme. I would also keep in mind though that these types of comparisons are based on broad averages and different people may have different opinions about how any two mattresses compare and the only reliable way to know for certain how they would compare for you would be based on your own personal testing or experience because not everyone is “inside the averages”.

Unlike some of their latex mattresses … their memory foam mattresses are also “finished” mattresses and the layers can’t be individually rearranged or exchanged.

Congratulations on your new adjustable bed as well :slight_smile:


Thank you Phoenix! Yes, I got my notes confused. Way too much information :slight_smile: I would have made a mistake without you. It is the DF 12" that was most like the TP Cloud Supreme. So nice to be able to throw thoughts out there in this forum and get great answers. Going to order the DF 12" Gel Supreme. Wish me luck and thanks again!

Btw, we went to several stores to try out the Latex mattresses. Loved the feel of the latex, but as I said before my Husband is more than twice my weight and I could feel every move he made and he moves a lot while sleeping. That said we did not find a store that had a 100% latex mattress so that could change the picture.

Hi Splendid,

Congratulations on your new mattress :slight_smile:

You are certainly making a great quality/value choice and I’m looking forward to your comments and feedback when you receive it and have had the chance to sleep on it for a bit.



The mattress that you ordered is one of my finalists. The other Gel Foam type bed that I am considering is the Select Foam Cirus Supreme ES-11 (my third choice is the latex BME from Brooklyn Bedding (did not know that DreamFoam is the sister company to Brooklyn bedding).

What are your thoughts after a few nights now with your mattress? I assume that you dealt with Chuck at Dream Foam, nice guy. Was delivery fast once order placed? Any regrets?

Thank you.