dreamfoam 13" gel??

hello all.

we went out today to test out many mattress’ and found we both really liked the temper cloud luxe and cloud breeze models. we found the breeze model just a hair firmer which we liked. the cloud luxe was great but we both agreed if it was just (and i mean just) a hair firmer we would both be happy. i have previously owned both a temper back in 2000 and another memory foam that we customized to what we wanted back in 2002 but that company is not around any more. in between we had a latex / spring mattress that was horrible in the long run and we hate it and its so sunk in on both sides we just cant use it any longer. it hurts every morning.

in searching i found people saying the dreamfoam 13" and the bb cool 13" are both very similar.

i started reading all the reviews on amazon and anywhere else including here i could find on both. what i am seeing is some say they bought the dreamfoam a couple years ago and recently bought that again and claim something has changed. some reviews from a good while back say it came with over a 2lb base and now all i see is it says it has a 1.5lb base. did this change? is the 1.5lb stuff decent or is more of a cheap poly foam just to get this mattress by?

otherwise (not sure if he was correct) someone from bb told me they are the same minus the base foam and the extra .5" 5lb foam in the second layer. he said they have the same top layers quality wise.

i guess im wondering if anyone been able to try both the dreamfoam and bb models somehow and if so can you say how they compare to each other? does the 1.5lb base really change the mattress much and will that hold up as long? i would love to spend the money on the bb version just dont know if i can right now and we need a mattress asap. in fact the one i would prefer if the 13" pure cool luxe version honestly but no way right now i can swing the 2300$ they are asking, as i said i would LOVE TO but just cant. i might be able to maybe get the 13" bb cool model but it would be stretching it. normally none of these would be an issue but just had to pay my deductible up front and surgeon’s costs the insurance would not pay (these new plans are a joke but this is not the place to discuss that). so im really strapped for cash and can not at all sleep on a 200$ big lot special type of mattress.

due to out bed type we also need at least a 12" or larger mattress unless we somehow lift it up otherwise we will almost be on the floor. we would actually prefer something in a 14" but seems harder to find those for a decent price except the costco (or similar) type novaform or others like that on amazon. so the 13" would work but i am worried about that 1.5lb base not holding up.

thank you for any help and this is a great place i have been trying to read as much as i can but need to decide in the next few days hopefully.

Hi Th3Drizzle,

The comments I believe you are referring to are about a change in the density of the base foam for the Ultimate Dreams latex mattress that happened long ago and don’t refer to a change in the density of the base foam in their gel memory foam hybrid which has always been the same 1.5 lb density. While this is somewhat old information … there is a somewhat misleading negative review that comes up on the top of the “negative” reviews that refers to it so there are still a lot of people who still ask about it.

You can see my thoughts about the change and the review that talks about it in post #2 here and the posts it links to.

The memory foams in each mattress are the same density so they would be closely comparable in terms of durability but I don’t know if they are the same type of memory foam because memory foams that are the same density can still feel and perform very differently from each other (see post #9 here and post #8 here). Outside of any differences in the type of memory foam they both use … the differences would be in the additional 1/2" of 5 lb memory foam, the density of the polyfoam layer in the base, and any differences in the cover.

They would know more about any differences in “feel” between them because every layer of a mattress will affect the feel and performance of all the other layers to some degree and there would be significant differences in how much different people will “feel” any differences between them. Deeper layers will have less effect that most people would “feel” than the layers that are closer to the surface but heavier body types that compress the deeper layers more would probably “feel” any differences more than lighter body types.

The same would generally be true for how they compare in terms of durability. In most cases the upper layers would be the weakest link of a mattress and the deeper layers would have a much less significant effect but with heavier body types (in the low 200’s or more) that would compress the deeper layers more there would be a bigger difference in terms of durability and the useful life of a mattress than there would with lighter body types that would compress the deeper layers much less.

It’s always possible to lift up a mattress with a thicker foundation, with a bunkie board (over a platform bed), or with a relatively low cost layer of ultra firm polyfoam under a mattress. The closer it is to the firmness of the support system (which would generally be a rigid non flexing foundation or platform bed) then the less it would affect the feel of the mattress.


so do you think the base foam they use is of a high quality on the dreamfoam? i only ask because generally at least what people have always told me is 1.5lb is a lower quality and not a great choice (most came from mattress people so take it for what you will im sure you get what i mean).

im not at all expecting this to be even a 10 year mattress but i would like a good 4-5 years out of it.

is there any other mem foam mattress i should look at at a dreamfoam price point in your opinion or at this kind of price is the dreamfoam really the best there is?

in anything at costco worth looking at or not really anything they carry? they dont seem to get favorable thoughts normally from you from what ive seen.

thank you for responding!!

Hi Th3Drizzle,

That’s a much more complex question than you may realize because it depends on how you define “quality” (see post #4 here). There is also more about the different density ranges for polyfoam used in support cores in this article and in comfort layers in this article.

If you are speaking strictly in terms of durability though… then the density of polyfoam is the single biggest factor that determines the durability of polyfoam so a 1.5 lb density polyfoam would generally be more durable than 1.2 lb polyfoam but less durable than a 2 lb density polyfoam which in turn would be less durable than 2.5 lb polyfoam for example but this is only about the durability of a single layer or component and there are many other variables that determine the durability and useful life of a mattress as a whole including whether a particular layer is being used as a comfort layer or as a support layer. There is much more about all the many variables that can affect the durability and useful life of a mattress relative to different types of people in post #4 here and the posts it links to.

For the most part … the weakest link in a mattress in terms of durability is the quality/durability of the upper layers (the top 3" to 6" of a mattress) and the density of the base layers has a much less significant effect on the useful life of a mattress. In “real life” … for those that are in average or lower weight ranges then 1.5 lb density polyfoam (which is among the most common density base layers used by the major manufacturers in many mattresses that are in much higher budget ranges) would certainly be a durable material that would be appropriate as a support core … in lower budget ranges especially. The density of the base layers is a much better place to use lower cost and less durable materials without compromising the durability of the mattress as a whole for most people … especially if there are thicker layers of good quality and durable materials materials above it that will absorb most of the compression forces that soften and break down the materials in a mattress.

The tutorial post includes a link to the better online memory foam options that I’m aware of and any of these would be well worth considering. Dreamfoam is also an invited member of this site which means that I believe they compete well with the best in the industry in terms of their quality, value, service, and transparency. They are a great value in their budget range. Of course you can find higher quality and more durable mattresses (including some of the memory foam mattresses sold by their sister company Brooklyn Bedding) but they are also more costly and the difference in durability for most people in “average” weight ranges wouldn’t be all that significant.

There may also be other local options that you may wish to include in your research and if you let me know your city or zip code I’d be happy to let you know about any of the better local options or possibilities I’m aware of.

You can see my thoughts about buying from Costco in post #4 here but I wouldn’t buy any mattress where you aren’t able to find out the type and quality of the materials inside it so you can identify any weak links in the mattress and make more meaningful comparisons to other mattresses. Again though … there is more about the most important parts of the “value” of a mattress purchase in post #13 here that can help you compare the “value” of different mattresses relative to the criteria that are most important to you.

The bottom line though is that if the Dreamfoam is a suitable choice for you (and you can test a Tempurpedic Cloud Luxe which is similar to give you a reasonable idea of whether it would be a suitable choice for you in terms of PPP) and you aren’t in a much higher than average weight range, then it would be very reasonable to expect that it would last you longer than the 4 - 5 years that you are hoping for and that it would be a great quality/value choice in its budget range.


thanks for the info. do you know currently what the tempur luxe layers are? the only thing holding me back from the dreamfoam is the 1.5lb polybase. otherwise if it was the 2.17 i would have already ordered it.

i thought i read somewhere tempur was using a different base foam now then previously but i could be wrong.

are there any people from here that say they do see a large temp difference between the cool/dreamfoam vs the purecool?

also do you know why they make their king short? its listed as a inch shorter on each side then any other king im seeing anywhere? they an inch shorter each way compared to the other eastern kings i see anywhere? just curious as to why they would not use standard sizes?

thanks again

Hi Th3Drizzle,

Tempurpedic doesn’t disclose them on their site but assuming you mean the Cloud Luxe (there is also a Rhapsody Luxe) … they are listed at Jordan’s as being …

Easy Refresh Stretch Knit Cover
Smart Climate System, moisture-wicking,
Cool to the touch

Comfort Layers
3.5" Tempur-ES 4.1LB
2" Tempur HD 7.1LB

Support System
Dual Airflow System
4" Airflow Base Layer 2.0LB
4" Airflow Base Layer 2.0LB

I have received some information though that I believe would be reliable that indicates that they may now be using 1.5 lb base layers but this isn’t “official” information.

While this type of feedback would be very subjective because you can’t really measure temperature while you are sleeping and there are also many other factors that can affect sleeping temperature besides just the foam layers in a mattress (see post #2 here) … I don’t know of anyone that has purchased both of them and made a specific comparison.

The purecool uses a type of memory foam that incorporates phase changing materials, thermal conductive materials, and is also more breathable than many other memory foams so it has several temperature regulating technologies and for those people that are much closer to the “oven” end of the “oven to iceberg range” they would most likely sleep cooler (seehereformoreinformationaboutthememoryhttps://uploads.mattressunderground.com/outside/0https://uploads.mattressunderground.com/outside/1https://uploads.mattressunderground.com/outside/2


and what about the size difference any idea why they do not use the normal standard king sizing? wondering why they are an inch off on each side?

great info!

Hi Th3Drizzle,

There are no exact sizing standards in the industry for mattresses or components and they can vary slightly from manufacturer to manufacturer depending on the dimensions of the materials in the mattress that they order and the thickness of the cover that goes around the foam layers (the foam layers are always smaller than the dimensions of the mattress itself).

You can see some examples in post #3 here …

A Serta “standard” king size is 76" x 79.5" +/- 1/2"
A Sealy “standard” king size is 76" x 80" +/- 1/2" to 1"
A Simmons “standard” king size is 76" x 79.5" +/- 1/2"
A Brooklyn Bedding “standard” king size is 75" x 79" +/- 1" - 2"

The final dimensions of a mattress are all “side effects” of the dimensions of the materials and components and any variance in the materials and components that they order from the suppliers that they choose to use in their mattresses and the dimensions they all add up to when the mattress is finished. More than this type of generic information though you would need to ask them directly.


been reading this site like crazy to find more info and i saw this post made by youhttps://forum.mattressunderground.com/t/seeking-reputable-mattress-companies-in-the-seattle-tacoma-area

where you said 1.5lb base foam would be a lower density than you would be comfortable with. does the dreamfoam base foam differ then the 1.5lb they are using. just wondering why the dreamfoam gets such a high recc when this same weight same base foam other companies gets knocked down??


Hi Th3Drizzle,

I’m not sure how many times I can answer the same question. Have you read my other replies and the other posts I linked for you which have already answered the same question?

The post you are referring to was talking about a mattress that retails for over $2700 (queen size) and also had lower quality materials in the comfort layers as well that would be an obvious weak link in the mattress. It was explaining all the reasons why I wouldn’t consider that specific mattress. The Dreamfoam 13" gel memory foam mattress retails for $699 in queen.

As my previous replies in this topic and many of the links they included have already explained … the support layers of a mattress aren’t generally a weak link of a mattress if there are thicker layers of foam on top of it to absorb most of the compression forces and in lower budget ranges where you can’t have the highest quality materials then the support core is the best place to make some compromises (within reason) so you can keep the higher quality materials in the comfort layers and still be in a lower budget range and 1.5 lb density polyfoam wouldn’t be a “significant” durability issue for “most” people that are aren’t in higher weight ranges. That doesn’t mean I would want to see it or be comfortable with it in a mattress that retails for over $2500.

Everything in mattresses involves tradeoffs that need to be made and the tradeoffs that each person is comfortable with depends on their personal circumstances, their individual criteria, and their budget range. If you are uncomfortable with the 1.5 lb polyfoam base layer then there are certainly mattresses available that use higher density base foam (including the Brooklyn Bedding mattresses) but they will be more costly.


yes i did read all your info i was more curious as to why you had said you would not recc the 1.5lb in the other bed and recc in in this one.

my only last concern is the size. i know you said it can be 75x79 but in going through almost every single review on amazon i see a few (at least 4 reviews so far saying this) who say the one they received is not even that size. one person even posted a pic showing it to be much shorter then that size. another said the one they got was about 3" short total each way (72 x 76). has anyone here seen this or can anyone tell me who has this mattress does it come in shorter than the 75x79. i would NOT want it any shorter and even that is shorter than i hoped to find. i really can not spend much more right now or i would gladly buy a higher end model i really would like to buy the equal to the breeze model but even at brooklyn bed its 2300 and i just cant spend that right now. when i asked chuck he said the beds do not come in short but with those reviews on amazon and even the posted pics showing it im not sure what to think since he said it doesnt happen.

again thank you for all the info i was more concerned with why one bed would not be recc with 1.5lb and another would be.

Hi Th3Drizzle,

I had mentioned the budget range as a criteria in a few of the posts I’d linked (such as here) which was why I was wondering if you’d read them. In any case … I hope that makes things more clear. Everything is relative to the price you pay and the tradeoffs that reflect the budget range you are in.

As to the sizing … while I don’t have any personal experience with their mattresses … if some of the other members here see your post they may be able to measure their mattress and tell you the dimensions. If you order from the Dreamfoam site instead of Amazon they also have a 45 day comfort guarantee so if for some reason the size wasn’t acceptable to you or you didn’t like it for any other reason then the most you would be risking is the $99 return fee. They also have a 10% discount for orders from their site (see their facebook page here).


I just pulled the trigger on this and ordered via Amazon. (But through Dream Foam)
I’m really nervous about having done that without trying it first.
That said…
Does anyone know if standard sheets will fit the queen?

Hi Pansyrocker,

Congratulations on your new mattress :slight_smile:

The mattress is 13" high and many standard sheets have pockets that will only fit a 12" or smaller mattress so you may need sheets with deeper pockets. If you already have sheets you can measure the depth of the pocket along the seam and then if you have an extra 2" or so to tuck under the mattress you should be fine.


PS: If you order through the Dreamfoam site then you would have a 45 day comfort guarantee and they also have a 10% discount available as well (see their facebook page here).

I already ordered on amazon…it was 699 for the queen.
Can he give me the discount still or do i need to try and cancel the amazon order?
I ordered through him…just on the amazon site.

Hi Pansyrocker,

The discount and comfort guarantee is only available for orders through the Dreamfoam site so you may want to email or preferably call them ASAP to see if you can cancel your Amazon order and reorder through the Dreamfoam site.


I sent a cancel request to amazon…I just hit buy before posting so hopefully it will go through. Worst case scenario, maybe he would at least throw in some pillows or something?
That 10 percent equals about 60 bucks. :frowning:

Hi Pansyrocker,

If you let them know you are a member here then there is a pillow bonus for an Amazon order that is fulfilled by Dreamfoam but considering the percentage that they pay Amazon for their sales I don’t think that they could provide any additional bonuses or discounts.


you would have to ask him but he told me i would have to order from his web site. i would call him and ask.

I sent an email, but I guess we will see. Thank you for the replies guys. I should have posted before I purchased. Let that be a lesson for all future readers lol.