Dunlop Latex Manufacturer

Hey, I am trying to match a mattress that felt great in store.

They use natural (organic?) dunlop latex from Latex Green. Which online supplier uses this manufacturer (Latex Mattress Factory, SleepEZ, Arizona Premium, etc.)? Or does it not matter that much?


Also, where can I buy cotton sock covers for the individual layers of latex?


Hi Lancesx,
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When considering the quality of latex from Latex Green in Sri Lanka compared to other Sri Lankan Dunlop latex manufacturers, several factors can influence the decision:

  1. Production Process:
  • Latex Green: Known for using environmentally friendly practices and sustainable sourcing, Latex Green emphasizes producing high-quality, eco-friendly latex products. They follow strict quality control measures and adhere to international standards.
  • Other Manufacturers: Quality can vary widely among other manufacturers. Some may not follow the same rigorous standards or eco-friendly practices, leading to potential inconsistencies in the final product.
  1. Certifications:
  • Latex Green: They often have multiple certifications, such as OEKO-TEX Standard 100, Global Organic Latex Standard (GOLS), and ISO certifications, which ensure the product is free from harmful substances and meets high-quality standards.
  • Other Manufacturers: Not all manufacturers will have these certifications. Checking for similar certifications can help assess the quality of their latex.
  1. Product Consistency:
  • Latex Green: Known for consistent quality and performance due to their strict quality control processes.
  • Other Manufacturers: There can be variability in product consistency depending on their quality control measures.
  1. Reputation and Reviews:
  • Latex Green: Generally has a strong reputation globally for high-quality latex products.
  • Other Manufacturers: Researching customer reviews and industry reputation can provide insights into their quality and reliability.
  1. Environmental Impact:
  • Latex Green: Emphasizes sustainable practices, including organic farming and fair trade.
  • Other Manufacturers: Environmental practices can vary; some may not prioritize sustainability to the same extent.
  1. Price:
  • Latex Green: Generally, premium quality and certifications might come with a higher price.
  • Other Manufacturers: Prices can be lower, but this might reflect differences in quality and production standards.

Overall, while other Sri Lankan Dunlop latex manufacturers may offer good quality products, Latex Green is often preferred for its consistency, certifications, and commitment to sustainability. If high quality, eco-friendliness, and reliability are priorities, Latex Green is a strong choice. For a more budget-conscious decision, other manufacturers might be considered, but it’s important to research their quality and certifications carefully.

Insofar as the socks for the layers of latex are concerned. @Latex_Mattress_Fact1 or @Arizona_Premium may be able to help. But textile manufactures such as Bedding - Precision Textiles or similar may have those products that you are looking for.

Are you suggesting that you want to recreate a mattress as a DIY? Sometimes creating a DIY is not as cost effective as purchasing a basic latex mattress from folks like @Arizona_Premium, @Latex_Mattress_Fact1 or @DIYMattress.


Thanks for the reply! So it’s clear that Latex Green has quality material, but do any of the DIY websites I mentioned use this, or do they manufacture their own?

If I can’t buy the Latex Green layers, which of these companies would have similar feel and quality to this manufacturer?

The bed I want to DIY was the Suite Sleep Portfolio. It would have this configuration:

Top: 3in soft natural Talalay
Middle: 2in soft Dunlop
Bottom: 6in medium Dunlop

There would be a quilted wool cover, and cotton socks on the layers.

I was going to build it myself so it matches what I tried in store more accurately, as different latex brands and thicknesses would feel different. I did look at SleepEZ and their one was only slightly more, but again I don’t know what their latex feels like.

My only word of caution is that one companies Soft could be another companies medium. In the case of Talalay what you really need to know is the ILD rating, same is true for Dunlop otherwise you might not get an exact match.

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