Extra thick Latex comfort layer

I currently have a 3" latex comfort layer (20 ILD dunlop) on a 6" HD Poly core (36 ILD). I sleep on my back and I love the latex, as well as the firmness of the support layer, but I feel I need a thicker comfort layer (I’m sleeping more “on top of” the mattress than I would like). I am a 6’2" 195 lb male. Quite slender with extra weight around the midsection. I am thinking of adding another 3" of 20 ILD latex. Do you think 6" of soft latex will cause problems?

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I wouldn’t be able to tell what thickness of latex on top of your polyfoam core might “cause problems”, as this would be specific to each individual. At 3" of a more plush 20 ILD Dunlop latex, that is normally more than enough for someone sleeping upon their back. Your description of “sleeping on” the mattress is usually descriptive of someone sleeping upon a mattress that is using quite hard upper comfort layers and they are not sinking in enough. This wouldn’t be the case in your situation, as at your BMI you certainly would be sinking into a plush 3" piece of Dunlop. It could be what you are describing is that you are “feeling through” the plush Dunlop to the firmer polyfoam support core, and this is not providing you enough of the surface plushness that you desire.

In this situation I would use the guidelines that I provide for toppers, with the addition of 3" of plush latex for someone who would desire quite a bit of extra plushness, and the addition of 2" of plush latex for someone who desires a “moderate” amount of extra comfort. The concern for you would be if having 6" of plush latex on top of your support core would be too much for you when sleeping upon your back, and if this would allow you to sink in too deeply, but unfortunately I wouldn’t be able to determine this for you and you’d have to trust your own personal testing in such a situation.


did you just say “screw it” and custom build your own mattress out of foam sections from foambymail.com or something? I’m considering doing the same, it looks like I could save a lot of money. The downsides though are that I don’t have access to any of that fancy proprietery “TitanFlex” or “Aveena” foam for a comfort layer.

Hey Phoenix,

I appreciate your insight about my desire for more plushness. That does seem to be what I’m wishing for. The good news is that SleepOnLatex has a great return/exchange policy, so I when the time comes I can try adding another layer without much trepidation.


Okay I know you’re not psychic [AJohnson] but that was a little unsettling. Yes, that’s my M.O. I had a nearly religious devotion to FoamByMail for the past couple years. I wasn’t just buying mattress-foam, I was also buying closed-cell foams for various projects. I’m so glad that I didn’t order a latex topper from them because they only offer a 29 ILD latex. I tried a 30 ILD latex topper from SleepOnLatex and quickly exchanged it for a 20, which is a dream come true for me.

Hi ty for posting this .I am happy you have found a good bed. Hope you dont mind if i ask a question.my hubby is 300 lbs and looking for a mattress to support his weight .I hope it is okay if I jump in here. Hubby has serious arhtritis and needs to get out of tempur asap. cannot move.a lot of pain.
we tried a foam bed with 4 inches 24 ild talallay latex on top ,way too soft .and not enough support on the foamlayers.

Now was given advice to either purchase a full latex bed OR get 6 inches 36 ILD foam and 2 inches 30 ILD foam glued on top and then use 28-32- Ild dunlop suportive -4 in latex topper which we have. No idea whether this will help him ,he is a side sleeper not a back sleeper.

But when you said thatmost people under 200 lbs can sleep on your configuration ,I see your point… as the intial mattress would not support hubby …went right thru the latex to a support layer of 3 inches of 30 ILD foam ,simply not enough .

does the 8 inches of foam and 28-32 ILd latex top make sense to you may I ask? I know we are guessing at this as there is no way to truly know until one trys but since you have experience with your foam support I was hoping you might have insight?
we have an adjustable bed too.

he is in a lot of pain and at least found the latex top to ease his arthritis .
Thank you for your reply .
very kind of you to post your experience with foam .

Hi AJohnson and forlongris,

I’m happy you had a positive previous experience with FBM. For those considering Foam By Mail (aka Foam Factory or FBM and other names as well) you may wish to read this post and this post and this topic (about their polyfoam and sources) and this post (presumably from a past employee)for some commentary and information about them, and sources of their foam products.

Hi forlongris,

You’re welcome. Good luck with your choices, should you move in that direction.

You’re correct that sometimes adding a “special name” to a foam can be more marketing to differentiate it than anything else (common with many of the larger “name-brand” mattresses), but often some of these foams, especially some of the newer breeds of the higher density high performance polyfoams, do have a makeup that is quite unique. Of course, you’d still want in find out the density and IFD of the material, as many of these foams can be offered in varying levels of quality/durability.

While you certainly don’t have to be “me” to give advice :wink: , I’d caution anyone about making such a large blanket statement, as what you’re suggesting doesn’t take into account the many unknowns, variables, and personal preferences involved in choosing a mattress. While the quality of materials you mentioned is certainly good, I’d avoid attempting to predict or make a specific suggestion or recommendation about which mattress or combination of materials and components or which type of mattress would be the best “match” for such a large group in terms of “comfort”, firmness, or PPP (Posture and alignment, Pressure relief, and one’s own Personal preferences) based on specifications. In the end, nothing can replace one’s own personal testing. Of course, this doesn’t discount your own experience and what has worked well for you personally.


Yes, all good points. I hope you will reply to SuziQ (the post above yours) because she directed a question at me that goes over my head…

Also I edited my post to make it more neutral.

Hi forolongris,

Thanks for the heads up. There’s actually another thread where this has been discussed.

No worries! I appreciate it, but it certainly wasn’t necessary.