Factory Direct Latex source near NW Indiana?

Hi Jim,

When I originally added Bedcrafters to my list I’m pretty sure they were still in business and that was early this year so I’m also guessing that they are only recently gone … especially since their website is still up.

I don’t know about “The Sleep Shop” in Indiana although I do know of one in Appleton, WI which makes their own mattresses. I did a search as well to see if they would come up and I didn’t find any references to them although Quality Sleep Shop in highland/lagrange came up a few times but of course we already know about them.

There’s some information about the 3 Holder mattresses in IN here and while the one in Lafayette is under 100 miles away, the other two are closer to Indianapolis.

There’s another factory direct that’s around 100 miles away http://www.michianamattress.com/ that used to be a King Koil licensee but now is a corporate owned mainly wholesale manufacturer but they do have a retail outlet for factory direct sales they opened recently. They are making a polyester fiber mattress core made from recycled bottles (as are some other manufacturers) so maybe they want some consumer feedback (or guinea pigs?) :slight_smile:

Other than that there are several more in both IN and IL but they are all much further away.