Feedback on King Koil Re-Spun? Other Recommendations?

Hi, all,

My partner and I are in the market for a new mattress.

We’ve been to a few different stores, but nothing really stood out as “right” until we tried the King Koil Re-Spun today, which seems to be one of their newest models. It’s just the right softness, letting my partner and I sink in, but still supportive in all the right places. The motion isolation isn’t perfect, but it’s pretty dang good.

My partner and I are both around 140 pounds. I’m 6’, and they’re 5’3. We both tend to sleep on our side.

From what we were told by the sales rep we were speaking with, the mattress itself has a latex comfort layer, then latex and nanocoils (presumably just microcoils?) in its support layer. Everything is tufted through the entire height of the mattress, so there is no glue used in the construction.

As for the questions…

Do folks have any experience with this mattress? Or the company more broadly? It seems like King Koil is generally quite decent?

I do wish it was using cotton instead of wool. Any recommendations that might have similar quality while avoiding animal products? Would something like a Plush Bed Natural Bliss or an Avocodo have a similar feel?

Welcome back EmiAldeer!

In 2022 King Koil announced a line of 7 ‘Re-Spun’ mattresses which use up to 50% of upcycled denim, to promote sustainability and reduce landfill waste. Unfortunately, details are scarce on the exact specifications of these mattresses; They contain natural and organic materials, with glue free ‘quad core’ microcoils and a ‘FlexECore’ innerspring. As you say, the salesperson told you the comfort layer is latex; Though their mattresses seem solidly built, the lack of transparency in materials and composition make it nearly impossible to assess how they would work for you and your partner in terms of support and comfort. If you do find the specifications, let us know and we may be able to comment further.

You and you partner both have lower BMIs; and as any mattress you choose will be unique to you, based on your Stats (height, BMI, sleeping position(s) and any underlying health concerns) - thanks for providing those! - and your PPP (Posture and alignment, Pressure relief, and Personal preferences), it all depends on how you and your partner feel on this particular mattress. It sounds like you prefer a plush firmness level, and microcoils…also, a tufted mattress will have a different, ‘tighter’ feel to it than a non tufted one . The Joma wool layer here provides breathability as well as a fire retardant layer, and is a common material in ‘natural’ and ‘green’ mattresses.

In general, you can compare the Mattress Specifications You Need To Know to the Mattress Durability Guidelines to see how certain materials hold up.

If you are looking for a more natural sleep system, many of the Trusted Members of the site carry latex and other types of natural and organic mattresses with microcoils and innerspring layers which you may want to review.

~ Basilio

Thanks for your thorough feedback, Basilio! I appreciate it! :slight_smile:

Yeah, it’s been difficult to find much of anything in terms of detail on the mattress. It certainly has a premium price ($3.1K), but without knowing too many details of the internals, I’m hesitant to spend that kind of money–especially since the return policy from the brick and mortar store isn’t great.

I definitely think we prefer a more plush mattress, but not to the level of memory foam–we really dislike the way that we sink and fall into it.

We’ve done a bit more research since this original post, though, and that brought on some new questions.

I was attracted to the Avocado and Plush Bed’s vegan options, but everyone seems to think of them as being extremely hard, even with the plush top on Avocado.

Unfortunately, we’re thinking it might be a little inevitable to get something with wool, at least given the current market.

To that end, we’re looking a bit at both Sleep on Latex and SleepEZ.

I talked with a rep from Sleep on Latex–it was nice to speak with an actual person who seemed really invested in finding me something that worked. They seem to have a deal where if you purchase the mattress, but find that it’s too hard, they will sell you a mattress topper for half off. Their return policy also seems great.

I’m still just starting my investigation into SleepEZ. They seem pretty similar to Sleep on Latex? Any reason why we’d want to go with them over something Sleep on Latex?

Any thoughts on whether a pure latex mattress like the ones from Sleep On Latex and SleepEZ would be a good fit? I know the Re-Spun has coils in its support layer, but I’m not sure how much that ultimately matters.

Hi EmiAldeer,

Yes, the idea of using upcycled denim is interesting, but as you say, at that price point I would personally like more details before I would consider them!

The same goes for the other ‘big brands’…lack of transparency can allow inexpensive materials and components to be used…and the ‘bed-in-a-box’ brands compress their mattresses and they are stored in warehouses where environment and time spent in storage are both unknowns.

You should be fine with a latex mattress from sleep on latex; I would suggest SleepEZ are a longtime Trusted Members of the site, and we can vouch for their commitment to quality, transparency, generous exchange and return policies, and many years of experience assisting consumers to find their perfect sleep solutions. If you can provide a little info on your Stats, PPP and mattress history, they can assist you to find a perfect match.

You may want to look into a latex hybrid, with a microcoil layer, if you both enjoy the rather specific comfort level that entails; at lower BMIs, with no health conditions, a latex or latex hybrid could provide many years of comfort - as latex is one of the most durable mattress materials you can find. You might want to try out some different mattress types at a local showroom, with and without microcoils, innersprings, different types and firmnesses of latex - just too see what feels most comfortable so you know what you are looking for. Also, Talalay and Dunlop have quite different ‘feels’, with Talalay being ‘bouncier (the usual comparison is between angel food cake and pound cake). You might find you prefer one over the other, and be able to add or cross off items on your ‘short list’ of possible mattress candidates.

~ Basilio

Just buy the King Koil Respun if you like it. I wouldnt waste time trying to replicate it. Just buy the Respun. Or go wirh latex.

I like King Koil Pure Bliss Latex Brook Firm myself. 100% talalay latex. Check it out!!!