Finally decided on memory foam but...


First off please let me mention that I live in Hawaii so my my decision here has been made difficult…

A few days ago I began searching for a new mattress. At first, I was really considering getting an Innerspring, but after reading up on a few different websites, I’m going to go with a memory foam. After reviewing of lots of different brands in my price range, I’ve narrowed it down to either the Bedinabox Natural Silk Elegance BedInABox® Official Store - The Original Mattress In A Box or the Island Dreams which is the Hawaii re-branded Anatomic Global Eco 3 建议使用手机网银充值. I’m pretty sure this is the same mattress that was discussed in a topic last year:

So I’ve been able to find plenty of great reviews for the Bedinabox mattress, but not so much about the Eco 3. The salesman at the store mentioned that the Eco3 line has been discontinued, but they do still have a few in stock. Both mattresses are within $20 of each other after you take into consideration shipping for the Bedinabox and taxes/delivery for the Eco3/Island Dreams. So price wise they’re identical.

I guess I’m asking if anyone has any opinions on either of these two brands, or can recommend one over the other. I was pretty exited about the Bedinabox, but I’m feeling like because it has a lower density and I’m not able to test it personally, it may be a bigger risk. Thoughts?

Thanks so much!

Hi commonko,

The first place I would start in case you haven’t read it yet is the tutorial post here which has alll the basic information, steps, and guidelines that can help you make the best choices … and avoid the worst ones.

You can read more about Bedinabox in post #2 here and I would avoid any memory foam mattress that used more than around an inch or so of memory foam that was under 4 lbs or didn’t meet the guidelines in post #10 here.

Mattress reviews are also among the least effective ways to choose a mattress (see post #13 here about reviews).

It sounds like it could be the same mattress but I would still want to confirm the density of the foam layers in the mattress. If you can confirm the specs of the Eco3/Island Dreams (thickness and density of all the polyfoam or memory foam layers) I’d be happy to make some comments about it if it’s any different than the mattress mentioned in the thread you linked but if it’s the same as the other thread then the foam densities are higher than the Bedinabox and would be within the guidelines.

Some of the better options I’m aware of in the Hawaii area are listed in post #269 here. There are also some threads that include some discussions and feedback with various forum members in Hawaii in this thread and this thread and this thread and this thread and this thread that may be helpful :slight_smile:


Hi Phoenix,

Thanks for the quick reply. I did go through the tutorial post, a few others, and all of the Hawaii posts you linked. Thanks for putting together so much great information. I would have to say you’re without a doubt the single best source of information out there, so thanks for that.

I did call up SlumberWorld in Honolulu, who caries the IslandDreams/Eco3 I mentioned. They were able to provide me with the attached documents. Any feedback you could provide would be great.



Hi commonko,

Here’s a synopsis of the information you attached and the information I would need to make any meaningful comments about the mattress.

Cover: Bamboo stretch knit. This is a nice material and no further information is needed.
Foam layer 1: This is a 2" layer of breathable “Eco” memory foam and I would need to know the density of the memory foam.
Foam layer 2: This is a 2" layer of “enhanced” memory foam and I would need the density of this layer as well.
Foam layer 3: This is a 2" “transition” memory foam layer but again they don’t provide the density of the memory foam.
Foam layer 4: 5" “Biofoam” core support layer. This is polyfoam but they don’t provide the density.
Layer 5 (on the bottom): This is a rigid base layer and is most likely an ultra firm material … probably rebond foam (similar to carpet underlay) which is a durable material. No further information about this layer is needed.

If they can provide you with the missing foam densities and you can post them here I’d be happy to make more comments.


Hi Phoenix,

Sorry for the slow reply. I’ve been trying to get this info out of them, but they have been slow to reply. I recieved this message from them today:

" I left a message with our FXI/Anatomic representative to confirm the density of the memory foam layers. On Thursday I can give you the information. If you need exact density information on all the layers, you may want to consider another brand like OrganicPedic which is an all natural Latex bed that provides detailed information on all the layers.

FXI is a trusted brand that SlumberWorld is proud to represent. Unfortunately, I will not be able to get more information than our manufacturer representative is able to obtain. I would recommend you focus more on comfort and the price range that fits within your budget."

I didn’t really like the recommendation to focus more on comfort/price range as that seems to go against paragraph #5 of the tutorial post. Thinking of finding a different outlet to purchase from, so I may be back at square 1.

Hi commonko,

Testing for PPP (Posture and alignment, Pressure relief,and personal preferences) and making sure you know the quality of the materials in a mattress are not mutually exclusive and both are part of an informed purchase decision

Even the cheapest lowest quality materials can be very comfortable in a showroom and when you first sleep on them but if the materials are low quality then the comfort and support won’t last nearly as long as they would if the materials are high quality durable materials.

You can’t “feel” the quality of the materials in a mattress when you lie on it.

Only the most misinformed retailers would suggest that you only focus on “comfort” without any regard to the quality or durability of the materials in a mattress … but unfortunately this type of response is fairly typical in the industry. With your reading here the odds are high that you know more meaningful information about mattresses than they do.

The irony of this is that Anatomic Global is owned by FXI which is a foam manufacturer and they of all people would know how important the quality of materials really is but with their own mattresses they are much less open then some of the other manufacturers that use the foams that they make.

If you can’t find out the information you need to know the quality of a mattress … I would pass it by. There are just too many good options available to take that kind of risk IMO.