Finch Mattress Question vs. Other Latex Mattresses

Hello - I’m wondering what ya’ll think of the Finch Mattress by Nest Bedding? It’s a little different from most latex mattresses in that it’s all Talalay and also has some “organic foam” in it. The exchange policy is fantastic. Just want to get some thoughts on the mattress.

Thanks so much!

Nest puts out a fairly nice mattress and the finch is no different, you are basically just customizing your preference. One of the trusted companies here offers a scenario where you can completely customize your all Talalay and or Talalay combination buy analyzing your body metrics and potentially creating the perfect mattress for you and possibly you significant other. It would be worth, at the very least viewing the site for educational purposes if not a perfect match purchase. Nest is part of the Brooklyn Bedding sister families. I have a BB mattress and absolutely love it. Not everyone gets so lucky as I did on the first shot. But if you are looking for a latex solution with advanced accuracy, I would recommend you take a peek at CST. Granted he is not the only possibility, but I think his website is crazy good. best of luck!