Firm Mattress Spec?

To those knowledgable about such things, how does this sound, for an extra-firm innerspring mattress? I’m looking for something extra firm and durable. Thanks in advance.

8″ 884 Pocket Coil System
    13 Gauge Exterior
    15 Gauge Interior
Border wire for Extra Edge Support
    All Sides, Top + Bottom
Metal Edge Guard Springs
    3 Per Side for Extra Edge Support
Insulator Pad
    Top + Bottom
1″ 1.75lb Firm Foam
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Hey Xav,
It is hard to determine exactly how firm this set up will be as a lot depends on the weight of the person sleeping on it. 13g is generally firmer intending coil ad is a thicker coil, your mattress is using it only around the edges. A 15g is being used for the majority of the mattress sleeping surface, unless of course you are an edge of the mattress sleeper like me.

For reference, I am 6’ 220 (formerly 250 when I purchased my mattress) I was looking for the firmest mattress I could get my hands on, that was not hard like a rock. But firm and I would not sink, but comfortable enough for my wife and me to sleep as mostly side sleepers. We both sleep on the surface with no sinking and just love the feel.

My mattress is 13.5g edge to edge with 2" of 1.8lb 36ILD HD foam and a quilted cover with a 0.75" 50 ILD foam.

Depending how you want your set up to perform, clearly your set-up will have excellent edge support. How the rest will perform will be based on your body profile.

Perhaps you could offer additional information about yourself, body profile and ( PPP - Posture and alignment, Pressure relief, and Personal preferences) so that the experts here at TMU can take a swipe at your set up.

I moved you from the miscellaneous to the TTTE category to open the discussion up a bit.

Look forward for your update

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Thanks, Norm. I am 5’8, around 130-140lb.
That is the kind of mattress I like: springs, very firm, excellent edge support, durable, flippable. Basically a very firm, non-foam hospitality bed.

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I would think at your size and weight it is likely to feel firm. I just hope that the 1" of 1.75 foam, (1.75 is on the high side of a lower foam, a good starting point for a HD firm foam is 1.8lbs) is enough so you don’t feel the springs. The good thing is you can always add a very firm topper. But I think you are light enough it should not be an issue.

*The only thing you want to be concerned about is the foam encased coils you may have forgot to list. *

*I am not a big fan of perimeter foam encasement. You would think with the boarder wire and design, there would not be a need for foam encased springs. Initially they will provide a firm edge support, but when you sit on the same spot every morning when you get up, that foam will start to sag, also if you sleep on the edge of the mattress, you may feel the difference on part of your body that is on the edge vs part that is on the main spring area of the mattress. *

There are pro’s and con’s to both styles. I am on the side of edge to edge springs. That doesnt make it right or wrong, just preferences.

Never mind, the 6003 is not foam encased.

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