Firmer mattress than Silk and Snow Hybrid?


I’ve had the latest Silk and Snow Hybrid for two weeks now. It looks well made, but is just a little too soft for me.

I’m mainly a side sleeper, but do sometimes sleep on my back as well. I’m 170 lbs.

Could someone recommend a mattress that is a little firmer than the Silk and Snow Hybrid? I don’t mind paying more than what I paid for the Silk and Snow.


Hi leftside, and welcome to The Mattress Underground :slight_smile:
Glad to have you here.

Sorry to hear your new Silk & Snow Hybrid is not quite as firm as you would like. Any mattress, regardless of type, materials, firmness and composition, is unique to the sleepers using it. Other consumers looking for a firm mattress might find the S&S too firm. Finding the perfect mattress is a matter of your Stats(height, BMI, sleeping position(s) and any underlying health issues) and your PPP(Posture and alignment, Pressure relief, and Personal preferences).

You might want to take a look at ourMattress Shopping Tutorial, as well as the Mattress Specifications You need To Know and finally the Mattress Durability Guidelines to get a better idea of what to look for, what to avoid, and how long you can expect specific materials to last.

Thanks for giving a couple of your stats; without your total stats, the Silk & Snow hybrid raises no red flags; if you are over your BMI and sleeping positions would not present any issues – you can see a recent discussion about the Silk & Snow Hybridin this post. The best way to find a mattress firm enough for you is, of course, trying out in person.
If this isn’t possible in your area, and/or you are considering purchasing online, many of the Trusted Members of the site carry Similar hybrid mattresses, and have excellent customer response. If you explain your experience with the Silk & Snow, and provide a little information, they can match the ‘feel’ of the S&S with slightly firmer foam components to more closely match what you are looking for.

Hope this helps,


Fantastic reply. Thanks!

All the links you shared are great (I had read a few of them). The Trusted Members link is very good. One of those companies is fairly close to me, and they allow you to adjust the firmness of the mattress by being able to swap out various layers of latex and foam. I’m going to try a latex mattress to see how I like the feel of a latex mattress.

“If you explain your experience with the Silk & Snow, and provide a little information, they can match the ‘feel’ of the S&S with slightly firmer foam components to more closely match what you are looking for.” This is exactly what I’ve been doing.

I really wanted to like the Silk and Snow hybrid. It appears to be well made, and the cost can’t be beat. I think the earlier version would have been more suitable for me. From various reviews, it appears the newer version is slightly softer, but I can see how some people would love the newer version.

Hi leftside,

Glad you found the articles to be useful! Yes, most of our Trusted Members do allow for comfort layer ec=xchanges (or 100 night trials for full mattress purchases)
This is very important when you are trying to ‘fine-tune’ a mattress to suit your preferences.

Yes, you are correct, silk & Snow is very popular with some consumers, but as you have found, each sleeper is different, and for an important purchase like a mattress,
you shouldn’t settle for a product that is ‘almost’ comfortable.

I hope you can find a good fit in a latex mattress - please let us know your experience once you have settled on one and had some time with it.


Just want to follow up and say Silk and Snow were great about taking the mattress back. No issues whatsoever.

I ended up getting a latex split king mattress from MFC. I’ve had it for a few weeks now. My wife has been away, so I got to try both sides of the bed. I also tried different combinations of the latex layers, but ended up going back to the layers that Mario recommended: 3 firm, 1 medium and 1 soft. Very happy with this mattress.

I’m now trying a Silk & Snow mattress, bought the S&S hybrid, and I must say it would be possibly very comfortable for people under 180 pounds, but for us, 205 and 235 pounds, it’s too soft, sinking a bit and the edges are quite soft, we’re gonna return it…For those in Quebec, Canada, check Matelas Prestige, they have the Triple comfort mattress, 3 pieces of 10 inches high density foam that you can move around, my brother bought it more or less 12 years ago, and he’s still very happy with it! He is on the heavy side, 6’2 290 pounds… For us, it’s a latex DIY coming soon.

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