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I just recently discover your great site, in my search for answers and insight on a potential upcoming bed purchase. My wife & I are currently sleeping on a Simmons Beautyrest Plush (king) and have only owned it 18mos. We began experiencing increased episodes of lumbar tightness and sciatica after approx. one year. This appears to relate to the body depressions from pressure points developing in the comfort padding layers. My wife is primarily a stomach sleeper while I am primarily a side sleeper. Last week, we were introduced to the Pure Latex Bliss, Nature (at a local mattress store) while we both liked, but there is no trial warranty period (you buy it, you own it) and the cost of $3,700. was not in my budget range. I think the ILD numbers for it were 19/28/36.
I noticed that one of your retail subscribers, Rock Mountain Mattress, was in my state of NC and that their distribution warehouse is only 70 miles from my home. Looking on their web site, their 9" Talalay Latex Mattress option (king) appears very comparable to the Bliss and may actually have better components for a total cost of $1,700.00. Any insight or experience with Rock Mountain and/or this bed that you can pass on. Would really like to get a comfortable, quality latex mattress at an affordable price. Thank You, in advance for your help.

Hi tyiaone,

Rocky mountain as you mention is a member of this site and is what I consider to be among the “best of the best” in the country (which is why I invited them to become members). I have had many conversations with them and they are very knowledgeable and provide great quality, value, and service to their customers. Their mattresses use high quality materials (including the one you mentioned which is 6" of Dunlop with 2" of Talalay on top with an organic cotton and wool ticking/quilting) and they are all great value.

A trip to their Conover factory outlet would be well worth the time. Make sure that you call first though to set up an appointment.

The “specs” of the PLB nature are listed in post #1 here but the feel and performance of a mattress can depend on more than just the ILD of the latex used (layer thickness for example plays a big role) but with the Rocky Mountain version you can choose the ILD that meets your needs and preferences best. As you mentioned … it is certainly great value.

Depending on the city you live in (and if you let me know I’ll be happy to look) and which direction you are coming from to get to Conover, there may also be other good choices within reasonable driving distance near you but IMO … you would be hard pressed to find something with a better combination of knowledge, quality, and value than Rocky Mountain and they would be well worth the drive.


Phoenix, thanks for your prompt reply. I have additional questions about the 9" Natural Talalay Latex mattress from Rocky Mountain Mattress. Their mattress has one 2" Talalay top, compared to a second 1" natural Tatalay of 28 ILD layer for the construction of PLB mattresses, plus the ILD choices are optional and don’t necessarily match the 19/28/36 found in the PLB Nature. What should I expect here with only one 2" layer on top of the core; firmer , softer something in between?? How much difference is there between 19 ILD and 28ILD?? Do you think I should consider a customized mattress, with a 19 ILD natural Talalay latex layer above the 28 ILD layer?? We live in West Jefferson, NC 28694 so we would be arriving at their Concord warehouse from a northern direction. Thanks again, Ron

Hi tyiaone,

The PLB nature has …

2" of 19 ILD Talalay
1" of 28 ILD Talalay
6" of 36 ILD Talalay
1" of very high (@ 50) ILD Talalay
With a stretch knit cover

The Rocky Mountain 9" has …

2" of your choice of either 19, 28, or 32 ILD Talalay
6" of natural Dunlop (I don’t know the firmness but would guess it was in the “medium” range
cotton /wool cover.

These are very different mattresses and personal testing would really be the most accurate way to see which of the comfort layer options at RMM would be closest to your needs and preferences.

If you liked the Nature … you may also prefer the 2" of 19 ILD but how close this was to the Nature would depend on the ILD or density of the Dunlop support layer. Dunlop has a higher sag factor than Talalay which means that it can be softer with initial compression (and perhaps closer to the 1" 28 ILD talalay layer in the Nature) but gets firmer faster than Talalay (which means that even if it had a “softer” ILD it would quickly “catch up” to the firmness of the Nature support core as it compressed more).

If you were ordering online and using your experience with the Nature as a guideline … this is probably what I would suggest but this would be subject to knowing the density and firmness of the Dunlop. Your experience on the Nature could indicate that it may work well for your wife who is a stomach sleeper but that you may need a transition layer in between the softer comfort layer and the firmer Dunlop core (again depending on the firmness of the Dunlop) to make the transition from soft to firm a little more gradual for a heavier side sleeper. A firmer comfort layer (like the 28 ILD) would reduce the transition between the layers but may be a little too firm. There is a noticeable difference between 19 and 28. Of course your testing may discover that you prefer 28 over 19 in combination with the Dunlop because all the PLB mattresses use 19 ILD in the top layer and you may not have tried anything firmer. Each manufacturer though is much more familiar with all the details of their specific mattresses and have a broad range of feedback from customers that may have similar preferences and “stats” to you so I would put a lot of weight on any suggestions they have as well.

I personally would not try to “exactly translate” two mattresses that could be quite different except to the degree that liking the Nature says that you like softer comfort layers but not “really” soft like the Beautiful unless there were no other options. It also says that you like 2" of @ 19 ILD but in your case I would use your own testing on the RMM mattresses as the most “accurate” means of knowing which would be best for you if this mattress is the way you decide to go.

Post #2 here includes some of the other choices in the area of Hickory that may broaden your experience and options.