Flexus Comfort Latex Mattress - Experiences and Ongoing Feedback

I will, as best possible, try to keep this thread up to date to describe my purchase experience with Flexus Comfort.

I may add a picture or two here and there as I go. But no promises there.

I will describe my experience in working with Flexus and my impressions of the mattress itself as time goes by.

Details of the mattress configuration itself are here.

March 14, 2015 - Saturday

After much research, and most importantly testing locally, I placed an order for a Natural 10" Latex mattress and slatted foundation from Flexus Comfort. I was told that I’d receive an invoice via email on Monday, and that the mattress should arrive by the following weekend.

They were still honoring the President’s Day sale pricing, and I felt with all things considered and based on my preferences, that it was a great deal. They were very forthcoming about the ILD specs of every layer, and I felt that what I ordered was going to be a very close if not exact combination of what I had liked best after much shopping and trial.

March 17, 2015 - Tuesday

Having not received an email confirmation of my purchase from Flexus Comfort as expected on Monday, today I called and Henry did email it to me immediately. He also informed me that the mattress would now arrive by the beginning of next week.

Interestingly, today their website is down. I hope they didn’t go out of business! :woohoo:


It must have been some temporary “glitch” because it’s back up now :slight_smile:


March 19 - Thursday

Nice update to the Mattress Underground forum software today!

More importantly, Flexus Comfort left me a voicemail to let me know that my mattress components and foundation have shipped and that I would take delivery on Monday. :cheer:

Boy oh boy, Monday can’t come soon enough. Last night, just for grins, I measured the depression in my current mattress at 3". No wonder I’ve been waking up in the morning feeling like someone punched me in the kidneys! :angry:

Incidentally I ordered a new bed frame at the same time from a different source, and it’s not due until a week from Saturday. But I’m not going to wait. I’m going to start sleeping on the new Flexus latex as soon as it arrives. :woohoo:


Nice bed :slight_smile:


Hi. I am also considering purchasing from Flexus Comfort. Henry & James were both helpful and the quality and value seem great. I’m just a little concerned because they are west coast while I am east coast and I know nothing about them. Please keep us posted as to how everything turns out?
Also, has anyone ordered their adjustable base (reverie 5D) & if so, any feedback?

Yes, I will, CD. There is a bit of prior history regarding Flexus here on the forums if you search for it, as well as the fact that they’re an approved vendor by Phoenix, Also refer to their local yelp reviews and a few reviews on g+

[quote=“Phoenix” post=50589]Hi LJGMDAD,

Nice bed :slight_smile:


Thank you, kind sir!

March 20 - Friday

This morning Henry from Flexus Comfort emailed 4 UPS tracking numbers. Three of them have Monday delivery dates and originated from Southern California. One of them has a Tuesday delivery date and originated from Arizona.

I assume it’s the foundation that is being drop shipped. Either way, I’ll have everything by Tuesday and this is great news and great service from Flexus up to this point.

Great, thanks so much. So glad I found this site.

By the way, I ordered the Urban Green natural mattress pad to cover the Flexus and it arrived today from Foam Sweet Foam . . . surprisingly in a very unnatural, very ungreen plastic bag!! :ohmy: And here I thought plastic bags were a mortal sin in the eyes of the Green Movement Powers That Be… :stuck_out_tongue: Shhhhh . . . don’t tell anyone! :lol:

I can attest however that this is a high quality product. It’s very well constructed and very soft to the touch. The high thread count and thread quality is readily apparent.

March 24 - Tuesday

Yesterday the mattress components arrived and today the foundation arrived. My new bed frame is now due to arrive Thursday (not purchased from Flexus). So I’m going to leave the latex and foundation boxed up until then.

More to come…

March 26 - Thursday

And the fun begins. Don’t know if I can get everything done tonight. Tomorrow might be the first night on the new mattress.

First the foundation.

The unboxing…

And 15 or so minutes later…

Slat thickness: About 2 3/8"

Slat spacing: worst case about 2 7/8"


Thanks for the pictures … and I’m looking forward to seeing it all put together (although probably not as much as you are :))


Well I managed to get everything done, and it’s bed time. One foundation assembled. One ginormous 400 lb mahogany bed frame assembled. One latex mattress zipped up.

Flexus delivered well. One nitpick might be that my bottom layer was ordered as a solid layer but they sent it split. This doesn’t seem to be problematic in any way. But, technically, it wasn’t what I ordered. Oh well.

I’ve laid down on it for about 5 minutes, and it’s definitely on the firmer side of my expectation. On the other hand I’ve been thinking that starting a tad firm is best given that latex has a break in period. So we will see how it goes.

I hope my back thanks me in the morning for all this!! Right now it’s screaming bloody murder!

March 27 - Friday

Initial impressions on the morning after my first night on the new mattress.

  1. My old 12+ year old Sterns and Foster mattress had become a hammock essentially. So the first 30 minutes on the new mattress just felt awkward. As a back sleeper I had been accustomed to waking in the morning with lumbar region pain from the lack of proper support. And suddenly for the first time in a long time last night, that support was there. It almost felt as though there was a hump under my lower back. And it just didn’t fell “right” - although I do believe it is right! My lower back shouldn’t settle into a cradle position - it should be supported. And I wouldn’t call it uncomfortable per se - just different, and initially awkward. It’ll take a few weeks to get used to the feel, I presume. But here’s the real kicker… after 7 hours of sleep and no rolling over… no lower back pain this morning. Simply stated: Wow!

  2. You really don’t get the feel for a latex mattress in the stores. 10 minutes here, 10 minutes there. It doesn’t simulate an entire night very well. I can best describe the feeling as the mattress is now conforming to me, instead of me conforming to my mattress. This is how it should be, but again, when you’re not used to it - it does feel a bit awkward. But you just can’t argue with the results. Getting out of bed in the morning with nary a groan - priceless.

  3. The Flexus “soft” Talalay comfort layer vs the “medium” Talalay comfort layer – the difference in feel is quite subtle. On my back, the lumbar support from the softer latex is slightly less. There is less of a “hump” feeling in the lower back region for me. But that is trending toward the hammock position which is just not supportive and I don’t want to go back there! Medium is probably going to turn out to have been the right choice. But only more time will tell for sure.

  4. Aside from the above, one additional observation after the first night on latex - and coming from an inner spring - is the “Jello” sensation. It’s subtle, but everything feels just a tad jiggly. And for some reason I pictured myself laying on a giant bed of firm Jello.

And finally, the finished product. One Flexus 10" natural latex mattress on their 8" foundation after one restful night’s sleep. Minimalist in the extreme on the covers - it was warm last night!


Thanks for the first night feedback :

As you mentioned there will be a few weeks of adjustment to get used to the feel of a new mattress that is different from what you have become accustomed to but your first night’s results sound very promising!


March 28 - Saturday

Second night on the new mattress (no I won’t be reporting back every night!) complete.

OK, again, I’m a back sleeper. And now I have to say the arch sensation under my lower back feels uncomfortable. Again this morning I haven’t awaken with lower back pain. Sitting up and getting out of bed was no problem this morning, and it had been for many months on the old mattress. But I do have what would probably best described as lower back stiffness - where I feel it needs to be stretched out. And as I lay in bed before getting up, the lower back arch is very noticeable and uncomfortable.

I keep telling myself that my body needs time to adjust - the muscles need to adjust. Like the first time you work out after a break. But that’s not helping me get comfortable. :wink: So I do think it makes sense to try elevating my legs below my knees as shown below because I don’t think this is a case of the mattress being too firm. There are no additional pressure points per se. Phoenix what are you thoughts? This is recommended for back sleepers on many websites. I wonder if the feet should be support by a second pillow, or if the position shown below with the pillow just below the knees is the right way to go? And I assume a pretty thin and plush pillow is the way to go?