..FOUNDATION for Latex bliss (Beautiful)mattress......RECOMMENDATIONS?

Which foundation is best for the Latex Bliss/Beautiful mattress?

Hi lupo,

In most cases … the foundation that comes with the Beautiful would be suitable and meet the warranty criteria but I have also heard several retailers mention that they were not so impressed with the quality of the Bliss foundations.

If you wish to use a different foundation … then the foundation thread here would be helpful and I would suggest a firm non flexing foundation that had slats that were 3" or less apart (which is better for longer term durability for a latex mattress).



I purchased an eastern king 3-core layer Dunlop organic latex mattress from Foam Sweet Foam, measuring approximately 10-11 inches in height with the mattress cover and the mattress protector. I need the entire height with the foundation to be at least 18 inches due to my bed’s design, so I am looking to purchase a 9 inch foundation and I think that my best option is going to be one of the KD foundations that you have brought to my attention on this website.

In terms of their material (pine vs. spruce), durability, fabric coverings, pricing, and/or how the top slats are installed (screw down vs. velcro), do you have any recommendations among the following 3 options?



It’s my understanding that Nature’s Sleep foundation now has 16 slats, making their gaps at or below 3 inches, which is recommended for a latex mattress.

I really like the euro-slat designed foundations and would prefer to get the Ikea Sultan Laxeby foundation but it only has a height of approx 2-1/8 inches so I would need to devise something to put beneath it that is at least 5 inches in height. Any thoughts or recommendations?

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Hi epodewell,

If this is the case since the last time I talked with them (which was since the number of slats increased) then it would be a reasonable choice. The last time I talked with them the gaps were over 3" because the slats were thinner but I don’t know what the current measurements are or if they’ve changed the slats again since then.

Of the other two … I also don’t know the finer details of their construction outside of knowing that they are both made specifically for latex mattresses by people I respect. A quick call to each would certainly answer your more specific questions. They both have gaps less than 3" and would be suitable for an all latex mattress. Screwing down the slats would be more stable and stronger but it would also make it more difficult to take apart and in most cases slats that aren’t screwed don’t shift and are fine in practical terms.

The difference between pine and spruce would depend on the type of each you were comparing. Yellow pine for example is generally considered to be stronger than Spruce but other types of pine are not as strong. It would also depend on the number of knots etc. I’m not so sure that the differences would be consequential or affect you in “real life” or whether any extra cost would be justified when they are both OK. The same would apply to different fabrics and again I don’t know the specifics of each besides what each website lists but a quick call to each will confirm any details that aren’t listed.

You could probably use this in place of slats on either of the foundations you are considering but I would make sure that the measurements of the Laxeby and the rails it sits on would fit snugly inside the foundation you are considering and was well supported on the sides and midbeam. I would ask for the specific measurements and confirm that the cover could accommodate the extra height as well (if it has a separate cover rather than a cover attached to the slats) to make sure it fits. I’ve asked if the Laxeby would fit snugly in their foundations but haven’t had any specific answers back yet so if you find out then it would be great if you could post it here. With a 9" mattress … the effect of the flexible slats would be less than with a mattress that was thinner although depending on the weight of the person it would probably still have some noticeable effect.