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I’m looking for some help in purchasing a new mattress. My husband & I need a new mattress desperately. Currently we have a queen that is 6 yrs old. It is too soft & full of what I call “craters”, haha. I am 7 mths pregnant & my husband has back issues. We would like to upgrade to a king. We have a limited but reasonable budget & this is a big, long term purchase for us to make. I’ve been researching makers, models, companies, etc for months. The problem is, every mattress brand or company I find has equal good & bad reviews, haha. This is too expensive of a purchase for us, to make a mistake :\ I am interested in Fox Mattress because they are local & I have heard some good things. Any help you can give me would be much appreciated!

+1 on Fox Mattress. Go here and Follow The Links to where I wrote about my experience at Fox, and you can read the whole thread for a little more info about them. Also in that link above is a link to a place called the Original Mattress Factory. They also have some excellent prices and their beds seem to be of really good quality - both inner spring and Latex.

I did not visit the Original Mattress factory, but they were on my list when considering an inner spring. They have a location in Winter Park.

Either of these stores would do you really well. I really liked Fox, But I ended up with a 9" all latex mattress here and took a whole different approach to mattresses and mattress buying. In the end I wanted a bed I could put together and take apart moving the parts around for various comfort experiments and being able to 1.) know what is in the bed from floor to top and 2.) being able to replace individual pieces rather than the whole mattress years down the road was a big appeal.

Hi Furney23,

Just in case you haven’t read it yet … I would make sure that you’ve read the mattress shopping tutorial here which has all the information, steps, and guidelines that you will need to make the best possible choices … and know how and why to avoid the worst ones.

Fox Mattress is one of the members here which means that I think very highly of them and they compete well with the best in the industry in terms of quality, value, service, and transparency and if you are within reasonable driving distance they would certainly we well worth including in your research. They will “educate” you about the mattress that is best for you much more than “sell” you just anything you are willing to buy and the knowledge and experience and service of who you buy from can be one of the most important parts of a successful mattress purchase.

Some comments and feedback from members that have purchased from them are in this topic and this topic and this topic and this topic and this topic and this post and a forum search on Fox Mattress (you can just click the link) will bring up much more information and feedback about them as well (although you will need to sort through the results because it will also bring up posts with the words “fox” … or “firefox” and “mattress” but not “fox mattress”).