Frustrated... my progress in finding a good latex mattress in Miami.

In my search for a DUNLOP/TALALAY mattress here in Miami…
De Mattress… a disaster, not a good experience at all, too busy to help me (I drove all the way to Hialeah to see their mattresses). Mattress didn’t even have a cover… plain latex in a plastic bag.
SEB… Coconut Grove did not have a mattress DUNLOP/TALALAY
Half Price … Never called me back to arrange for me to go to Biscayne Bedding (their supplier) here in Miami so I could lay on the bed and see if I like it or not.
I finally was able to contact Biscayne Bedding and it turns I am allowed to test their OASIS & SANGRI-LA LATEX DUNLOP 6", TALALAY 4" and 1" gel foam layer that I think is at the bottom of the mattress. This mattress has the above mentioned layers glued with a “water based component”.
I am going to their showroom on Monday. Ugh…

I head ya! I have very frustrating time finding one in my are as well (GTA). This is quite lame, especially since we are taking of a fairly pricy item.
Small showrooms/factory directs should learn thing or two from big box stores.


Besides some of the manufacturers you’ve been investigating, you may wish to check out some of the retailers I listed for you, a few of which do offer Savvy Rest mattresses, which can be had in Dunlop/Talalay configurations, as that seems to be specifically the combination you are seeking.

This could be a “latex based” adhesive that is basically a water based adhesives (like latex paints) that incorporate various types of elastomers (including but not limited to natural or synthetic latex) in different quantities as opposed to adhesives that use solvents (rather than water) and which often have higher levels of VOC’s. There is some good information about different types of adhesives here and some information about some different types of latex adhesives here .

Hi qazy,

I wouldn’t concur, as most “big box stores” tend to feature the larger brands using lower quality materials with sales staff whose training tends to be focused more on selling and less on objective mattress, componentry, and sleep ergonomic information. While you may have come across a few instances personally that haven’t met with your expectations, by and large you’ll receive much better knowledge, transparency and products using higher quality materials from more regional manufacturers and smaller specialty retailers.


Yesssss! And the issue here is that I look at my sorry BJ’s mattress every day and find no rest… there is nothing worse than being exhausted and go to bed knowing that when you wake up in the morning you are going to feel worst. JA! I hope I can see the end of this search this week. Omg and then the decision of the box spring vs an adjustable frame. Thank you for your message.

Thank you so much for keeping up with this forum, it has been so helpful to me!
Thanks to your explanations and expertise I have been able to walk away from mattresses stores thinking… “yeah right … that’s not the way it is… you are not fooling me!”


Sad as it is to say, most people who have spent just a few hours reading through this forum are more knowledgeable than many of the salespeople working at the larger mattress and furniture stores. I’m glad the information is proving useful to you. And as your time is valuable, attempt to do as much “weeding out” by first perusing a company’s web site, then phoning ahead to make sure that any store you take the time to visit will have the items in which you have an interest available on display for your perusal.


Yes, indeed… but sometimes I think I am in square 1 nor 0 in knowledge. JA JA.
Today I am going to myessentia at Merrick Park in Coral Gables (Miami) try it out, ask about what they have inside. These are “high end mattresses” for people that don’t make any questions and just… simply… pay for the best. Anyway… that is today, tomorrow… like mentioned I’m going to (wholesalers) to try theirs. I am focusing on dunlop at the bottom, talalay at the top. I found at amazon a mattress soldy by (online exclusive) that has 3 inches of talalay on top, 8 inches of high density foam (polyrethane made in China) I don’t want memory foam though… I don’t like the “sinking” sensation…


Just remember to follow the steps as outlined in the mattress shopping tutorial.

Again, I recommend to investigate the offerings you’re considering via their web sites or through phone calls before you visit stores to save time. If you’re considering a mattress using a Dunlop core with Talalay on top, that would not be an offering that Essentia offers, as you can see by perusing their web site. A forum search on Essentia (just click on the link) will also bring up quite a bit of information about them.

This isn’t memory foam, but a mattress using a polyfoam support core with latex on top. Again, if you’re considering a mattress with Dunlop and Talalay, there would be no reason for you to consider an item like this. If you are considering shopping online, I would suggest starting with the members listed in post #21 here who are all very experienced and knowledgeable and specialize in providing the type of help and guidance on the phone that can help you make good choices. There are a wide range of latex options included in the choices there and I believe that all of them compete well with the best in the industry in terms of their quality, value, service, and transparency.


Thank you for providing me with the link of the online post #21, I will check and read about them tomorrow. As mentioned previously… I visited essentia today. This was the very first time I’ve ever tried a latex mattress… although I am not sure what kind of latex they use… it felt good. EXCEPT … the fact that the top layer is wavy and felt like rollers underneath my entire body… I don’t think I would get used to that. I have to say… I did like the firmness down below and the “marshmallow” feeling on top… but again… not the “wavy pattern” they use on the top layer. Tomorrow… I will go to biscaynebedding and I will keep this forum posted. By the way… the twin XL mattress at essentia with a sale that ended today… JA costs $1,500 (just the mattress).

I’ve seen some latex with a wavy structured surface online, but in my experience most latex (both Dunlop and Talalay) is essentially flat on the sleeping surface.


The Essentia mattress you looked at would have used natural Dunlop latex, and the top piece of latex is what they call their Contour Comfort Layer, which is molded natural Dunlop with rows of a dome-shaped pattern, so that is what you were feeling. This, or something like it, is not common for most latex mattresses. Most latex foams are flat on top, or if it is contoured it is most commonly a convoluted piece of Talalay where the waves are not noticeable.

Using the wayback machine, most of the cached home pages the past few months for them show that they are offering some sort of a 15%-20% discount quite frequently, so I wouldn’t base any decision on the sense of urgency that offers like this are intended to create.


I would imagine… right? I didn’t like the wavy sensation… no…no…

Thank you!

So, I live in the next County up from you in Broward. I too am having a terrible time finding a new King Mattress. The one we have now is 14 years old and it is a Simmons coil Hybrid with memory foam. Back then it was touted as Visco Foam. It has always slept hot and feels like a cinder block now.

I can’t find anything here local without spending a fortune which I will not do. But yesterday my wife got tired of me researching it to death and so I made a decision. I went with the Quadra-Flex from Flexus Comfort Beds. It is reasonably priced and even though they are in California when I called I forgot they were 3 hours behind and I ended up leaving a message. You cannot order online, you have to call. I talked to Henry and he was such a pleasure to speak to. No pressure and answered all my concerns. I should receive the mattress next Friday. He told me if it was too firm or soft we can get a different top layer. It’s a risk since I have not tried it out but their was no pressure at all on me. I did buy the foundation as the Simmons one looks like wire and I did not want to chance it. Total cost for the bed was $1705 shipped.

The other 3 beds I considered were CPR,’s coil hybrid, I believe it’s Arizona Mattress, and Plush Beds. Both cost more and they all had the same specs. I hate sleeping hot all the time and sex on a memory foam bed is too much work at my age! LOL I will post my experience with the Quadra-Flex when it arrives. I told Henry I would and he welcomed it. Thanks

Hi DanDan,

Welcome to the Mattress Forum! :slight_smile: And congratulations on ordering your new Flexus mattress! :cheer: I do think highly of Henry and the advice he provides, and as you’re aware Flexus is a site member here.

I’ll look forward to learning about your new mattress once you’ve received it and have had a chance to sleep upon it for a while.