Gearing up for a CozyPure Purchase

Ok, so I have been combing this fantastic site (well done Phoenix!) and had no idea the mattress game was so crazy. After going through all of the options out there, I’ve decided I want a queen size latex mattress for the following reasons:

I am around 300 pounds and am looking for a mattress that will support my weight
I want a mattress that will last the next 5 - 10 years without sagging
I’m currently sleeping on a 6" pile of &^%$ innerspring mattress and no box spring (using a futon as a base) and am sleeping in a giant crevice
I’ve looked at memory foam and after reading your site, I don’t have faith that memory foam will last or be as comfortable as Latex (I also tend to sleep hot)
Getting ready to move into a new place so the timing is right

Now, from your list of members I singled out CozyPure, since it is the closest to me (20815) and they seem to make very high quality latex products. After looking at their line, I’m over the sticker shock and am willing to go with whatever feels right.

Called them today and spoke with Hans. Seems like he knows his stuff and was very courteous and answered all my questions. He recommended the PLUS model – which looks great, very supportive 6" latex core with another 3 inches on top. I might even splurge for the Pure Perfection, which looks like its the PLUS with an additional 1.5 sculpted latex.

I’m going in this Saturday to try them out – I’m thinking Im either going to go with the PLUS with a LaNoodle topper, or the Pure Perfection (maybe with a topper, depends on how that meshes with the 1.5’ sculpted later layer on top). Im 28 and don’t really have any back issues (yet) and i’d like to keep it that way.

Given my situation – do you think that these latex’s will work well for a 300 pound guy who is a side sleeper? If it makes any difference, but I also sleep with a body pillow, which gives me a little more alignment control (saw that they sell one, seriously considering getting one of those as well). And are you still liking your Lanoodle? I seem to remember a post where you said you had one. I’m hoping that these latex’s will blow innersprings out of the water (as described) and I feel like if anyone could but their best “latex” foot forward, it would be CozyPure.

And last question - for a side sleeper, do you think the extra contoured layer on the Pure Perfection is worth it? My thinking is that another layer couldn’t hurt, especially given my weight. I’m sure thats somewhat of a subjective question given that comfort layer preference differs between people.

Just want to make sure I’m heading in the right direction.

Hi Supermariohhh,

You are certainly heading in a great direction and as you know I think highly of Cheryl (and Hans) and Cozy Pure.

Latex is certainly the most durable choice of all the foam materials and a suitable latex mattress that isn’t too soft should easily last you this long.

The Plus would be a logical place to start and beyond that your testing would be the most reliable way to find out which one is the most suitable choice in terms of PPP.

The odds are very high that one of their mattress designs would be a good match for you yes and like Hans I think that the Plus would be the best place to start your testing.

I still like my Lanoodles very much yes (you can see my comments about it here) and it would be a “safe” choice to add to any latex mattress to add some surface softness and “cush” with very little risk to alignment. I also sleep on a lanoodles pillow.

This would depend entirely if it was an noticeable improvement in terms of PPP. Your own testing is really the only way to answer this. If there is a noticeable improvement between this mattress and the Plus in terms of PPP then it would be “worth it” yes but what your body tells you is really the only way to know. I generally suggest that “just enough” pressure relief in your most pressure prone position is generally the least risky choice in terms of alignment but if you only sleep on your side and not your back at all (where thicker softer layers could be more risky) then it may be worth adding a little bit extra softness.


Hello Supermariohhh,
I’m happy Hans was able to answer your questions to your satisfaction and very pleased you are visiting us Saturday. One of the great features of the PLUS is you can always very easily “upgrade” to the Perfection by unzipping the cover and adding the sculpted layer… you can do this anytime. So after testing the mattresses and you are still not sure, please keep in mind how easy it can be changed later and/or customized :slight_smile: