Getting a king mattress up the stairs...

Hi All…

Today my queen size mattress and boxspring were carted away, and I am bedless. I would like to replace it with a king. The queen just fit down the stairs with a minimum of fuss, but I know a king is 16 inches wider. I would also like a memory foam or latex bed, probably memory foam as I like cushy. Someone told me memory foam beds are delivered “compressed.” So, that makes me wonder if it comes in such a way that it will go up the stairs before I unwrap it?

I would appreciate any comments or suggestions…


Hi Skyjumber,

Some memory foam mattresses are shipped compressed which wouldn’t be a problem but others are shipped full size so it would be a good idea to check with the specific retailer or manufacturer of a mattress you are considering,

Foam mattresses (either memory foam or latex) are fairly easy to bend around corners or bend over to reduce their height so this may also make it possible to take up your steps but they are also heavy so it would be at least a “2 strong person” job. Latex would be more “jello like” and floppy than a memory foam mattress.

The foundation is more rigid but with either a KD foundation which comes in sections ready to put together or a split king which is much smaller than a queen, if a queen foundation fit down the steps then either a split king or a KD foundation wouldn’t be an issue either.

An king innerspring mattress which doesn’t bend as easily would be a bigger problem if a queen “just barely” fit down the stairs.



I too, was wondering the same thing…except my stairs take a sharp turn and there’s an area of reduced height at the top of the stairs where they turn. My old queen innerspring barely made it through (the box spring had to go through the second floor balcony door).

Just how flexible are the natural latex mattresses? I am assuming based on your reply to Skyjumper, that I could almost fold it (King size) yet still be able to curve the ends as the bed winds around to the next floor as well, without causing damage to the foam? Sorry if my question sounds confusing. …How “floppy” can it get without damage to the bed I guess. :slight_smile:

Hi Barra,

It is “very” floppy and you could fold it in half (keeping in mind that a thicker or firmer mattress would be a little more difficult than a thinner mattress) and still be able to easily bend it around corners without damaging the latex as long as you are careful not to “stretch” or pull the latex or grab a handful of it through the cover because it can tear easily.


Thanks so much for the clarification. This is great news!

[quote=“Phoenix” post=30304]Hi Skyjumber,

Some memory foam mattresses are shipped compressed which wouldn’t be a problem but others are shipped full size so it would be a good idea to check with the specific retailer or manufacturer of a mattress you are considering,

Thats great thank you very much! So when you say they are compressed, how big are them in their compressed state?

You raised a question I was wondering about… I saw a “split king” which I assume means its just two pieces. When put back together is there a seam that people will notice when sleeping? Would someone fall into it when sleeping in the middle of the bed, or right near the seam?

Yeah there is no way a rigid bed will make it up there.

Thank you!

Hi Skyjumper,

Most (all?) king foundations / box springs / adjustable bed foundations are actually 2 identical twinxl foundations set beside each other (aka split king). You don’t notice while on the bed per se, since the mattress goes all the way across. (You can also get split king mattresses, and split side-to-side zoned mattresses… I’m only speaking to the foundation in this post).

You may notice a firmer ridge in the middle of mattress running head to foot, which the foundation may contribute to depending on how the foundations are designed, as well as other factors which have nothing to do with the foundation.

Hi skyjumber,

This would vary depending on the mattress, the type of compression, and the manufacturer. You would need to talk with the manufacturer of a specific mattress to find out the shipping dimensions of a particular mattress but I think it’s fair to say they would be “much smaller” than an uncompressed mattress.

If you look at some of the images here you will get a general sense of their size.

If you mean two twin mattresses that are separate mattresses but just placed together then most people would notice the slight gap between them if they slept in between the two mattresses. It would also depend on the specifics of the mattress and the size of the gap between them (how rounded the corners of the mattress were and how closely they fit together). There are some products (see post #2 here and post #8 here for some examples) that are made to fill in the gap them but then it could also defeat the purpose of having two mattresses that can be used independently (such as on an adjustable bed or for better motion isolation).

If you mean a mattress that has a split construction (each side of a mattress made with different firmness levels inside the same cover) and if the mattress has a suitable quilted cover or a thin layer of padding or foam above a split layer then most people wouldn’t feel the split in the foam although they would feel the shift between different firmness levels on each side (see post #2 here).


Hi everyone, thanks again for the info. I was confused, I thought the split thing was the mattress. I was not thinking of the foundation because I am planning a platform bed.

Is there any reason I could not use a memory foam or latex mattress with a platform bed?

Hi Skyjumper,

A platform bed is generally fine for a memory foam mattress or a latex mattress as long as the slats are strong enough and close enough together to be suitable for your mattress and there is good center support to the floor in the middle of the platform bed to keep it from sagging under the mattress. They can also be used with a suitable foundation if you need extra height.

If your platform bed has a solid surface instead of slats (which provides less airflow under the mattress) then post #10 here may be worth reading as well.


Phoenix, you rock! Okay based on all this I just ordered the actual bed and associated furniture. Since I know I can get a compressed king size mattress up there I figured its safe to order the furniture. Now for the hard part, selecting the mattress :frowning:

The detailed research begins!

Hi Skyjumper,

While it can certainly be the “hard part” … if you’re “armed” with some good information (including the tutorial post) it can also be the fun part :slight_smile:

Good luck … and I’m looking forward to finding out what you end up choosing. Of course if you have any questions along the way feel free to post them on the forum.