Have Sleepy's store credit from defective mattress, need advice on what to do...


So I bought a Dr. Brues bed a few years back, it was horrible, and dipped very bad…after much arguing Sleepy’s gave me a store credit equal to the price of the bed.

Since then I have tried a few mattress but am very particular about what I think I want. I really wanted one of the organic 100% latex beds (I’ve tried a few) and am very concerned about the ‘green’ aspect. Unfortunately, Sleepys has been right up front and said they dont carry anything like that. The best they have are Simmons and Kingsdown Sleeping Beauty which are both ‘Certipur’ verified…so looks like I’ll have to settle for that…

Now from what I’ve read on here Sleepys and the mattresses they carry are generally looked down upon…however that is my only choice. I’ve tried selling the store credit on craigslist without much luck. One good thing is that even though my store credit is for only about $2000, I’ve been informed because of my troubles they will let me switch out for something considerably more expensive if I want.

I’ve been to my local sleepy’s 3 times, and so far really like in order of favorite, the:

  1. Simmons Ultimate line pillow top, with 4" of talay (sp?)
  2. Kingsdown Sleeping Beauty ‘Gabrielle’ or ‘Ariana’
  3. Simmons Legend Luxury Plush

I know these are the major brands that dont usually represent value, but I am in a unique position without having much choice…on the flip side I should be getting one at deep discount…So I wanted to get some opinions on these…the Simmons Legend and Ultimate lines must be Sleepys exclusives? cant find them on the Simmons website…

Hi pg600rr,

Unfortunately you are in a rather difficult position because your choices are limited to the mattresses that Sleepy’s carries and they don’t carry a mattress that I would normally consider.

Having said that … post #2 here and the posts it links to has more information about the options you have that may be helpful to make the best of an unfortunate situation.

Unfortunately it’s unlikely that you will be able to find out the information you need to make an informed choice about the quality and durability of the materials in any of these mattresses (see this article) so you can compare them to the guidelines here. You can’t “feel” the quality/durability of the materials in a mattress so the best you could do would be to minimize any unknown or lower quality materials as much as possible to help lower the risk of a "blind purchase"because lower quality and less durable materials will soften and break down much more quickly than higher quality and more durable materials no matter what a mattress may feel like in a showroom or when you first purchase it. The softening or breakdown of lower quality materials can lead to the loss of comfort and support much too quickly relative to the price you paid for the mattress (as you’ve already discovered) and the loss of comfort and support isn’t covered by mattress warranties unless there are also visible impressions that are deeper than the warranty exclusions (see post #174 here) even though you may no longer be able to sleep on the mattress.

Most major brands sell their mattresses under dozens of different names in the different major retailers or chains even though there are only very minor differences in their mattresses or in many cases they only have a different cover. This is to make meaningful comparison shopping much more difficult and they can claim “exclusivity” for the mattresses they sell so they don’t have to “price match” other mattresses because and can claim that they are different mattresses. The only way to “match” one mattress to another regardless of the name is to compare the materials and components inside them.