Heating blankets

A quick question- I have to use an electric blanket to keep warm, is this detrimental to any types of mattresses?

Hi SleepDeprived,

I would tend to avoid electric blankets with memory foam mattresses (or use them with caution) because memory foam is heat sensitive in addition to being sensitive to humidity, time, and pressure. More resilient foams like polyfoam or latex are only sensitive to pressure.

The heat from an electric blanket (or a heated mattress pad even more) will soften the memory foam more than body heat alone which could also allow the heavier parts of your body to sink in too far and lead to sleeping out of alignment. The heat can also speed up the long term softening and breakdown of the foam.

If you absolutely have to use an electric blanket with memory foam then I would use it for short periods of time (say 15 minutes or so) on the lowest settings to warm up the mattress a bit before going to bed and then turn it off for the rest of the night.

An electric blanket would be find with materials that aren’t sensitive to heat such as polyfoam or latex.