Helix Luxe vs Verlo vs Beautyrest Black (components)

My wife and I are about to go down the rabbit hole of mattress shopping. I’ve started to read through what this site has to offer. I would say we are both of average build (<200lbs), age mid-30s. I am a back sleeper. My wife was a stomach sleeper, but is trying to transition to something else.

We’ve had the original Leesa for 4 years. It was better than our worn spring mattress, but I would rate it as “just fine.” As I said, my wife is a stomach sleeper but began experiencing lower back/hip pain. Since she found back sleeping isn’t great for you, she moved to side sleeping. But that has also caused some serious pain issues. So much so we’re sleep divorced, but she’s still waking up in pain in other sleeping places.

Since we have differing sleep positions, I thought we would look at the Helix Luxe mattresses. Their survey actually leads us to the Dusk version. Of course I know to take most online review sites/videos with a huge grain of salt.

Yesterday we did a preliminary search at 2 stores, just to start learning what we need/like. Wife certainly likes soft. I thought I liked soft, but not too soft where you sink right through. The first store (mid-high end furniture) was a bust in terms of learning from a sales associate. I was actually pleasantly surprised by how much knowledge( somewhat confirming my own research) we got from the salesman at Mattress Firm. At least up until the hard sell (it’s been empty on a Saturday, let me call my manager). We had to go and were not ready to buy anyways.

Of course we found ourselves on the higher end Beautyrest Black Hybrid. Wife could feel the difference in support, though we’re not comfortable spending over $3k (I’d say $2k is good). One line he had against Bed in a Box was “These mattresses contain 4.5-5+ lbs dense quality foam (vs lesser dense BiaB), no way you can compress that.” Is there any truth to that?

Of course details are scant on these mattresses, confirming everything we dislike about the industry.

Unfortunately, with opposite schedules, we can only shop together on the weekends. Plus we have young kids making it also difficult. Tomorrow I’m going check out local mfgr Verlo. Maybe the V9 Hybrid Though they don’t offer returns like BiaB, they do offer a comfort adjustment within the first year (and will split sides too). Again, their info leaves much to be desired, though through this post I was able to piece together some detailed info. Which is great, I enjoy making spreadsheets.

Below are the details on the Helix Luxe and Verlo V9-Hybrid. If there are any comments, or questions to ask further, Please let me know. Thanks for your comments.

Helix Luxe
Cover: Ultra-Cool Premium Pillow Top-10 IFD polyfoam
Comfort Layer: Gel Visco-2.5 PCF, IFD: 10
Support Layer: Helix Dynamic Foam-Med IFD to match your body type-IFD 10-20,-Density: 3-4 PCF-2”
Transition Layer: High-Grade Polyfoam-Med IFD
Zoned Body Shape Layer: 1,000+ Wrapped Coils
DuraDense Foam IFD: 55

Verlo V9-Hybrid
non-Quilted Cover(for temp() - tencel cooling fabrics
Gel Memory foam-4lb-2”
Gel Memory foam-4lb-1”
Latex foam(for temp)- 19 ILD-1”
Poly foam-1.8 density, 24 ILD-2”
base layer-1.8 density 35ILD poly foam -1” (?)
Wrapped Coil-1057 actual coil count - 8"
Base layer-1.8 density 35ILD poly foam -1” (?)
Edge Foam 1.8 density 60ILD foam

Edit: Mattress specs I found were from a previous model. They had updated the V9 Hybrid 3 times over the last 18 months, I think. Increasing wrapped coil count, substituting micro coils for Polyfoam, which can be rearranged among the other foam layers to adjust comfort. I do not know if the base layer poly foam is still there.

Hi, NiceMarmut.

If you’re local to our Chicagoland store, Quality Sleep Shop of La Grange Highlands, IL, we’d love to have you both in to try some things out as we have hours on the weekends. If not, we do have a number of options that would satisfy your needs. We’d recommend considering our Kelly or Katherine Medium mattresses, both of which can be found at the link below:

That was not a very helpful comment. You could’ve at least addressed my question and then plugged your store.

We purchased a Verlo V9 Hybrid.

Hello, NiceMarmut.

We apologize, but we appear to have missed the specific question you’re looking to have answered. Your question was forwarded to our attention, and we wanted to make you aware that we should have something available that is comparable to what you’re looking for that will satisfy your frames and sleep positions. If you have specific questions, we’d be more than happy to address those for you.

I am seriously considering on purchasing the v9 hybrid in firm. How long have you been sleeping on the mattress and what has been your experience with it and the store’s customer service:

Since this post is from 2019, I’m guessing almost 4 years. Customer service was good. I’m not even 100% sure what we got, ours was in the line, but it’s also adjustable on each side by changing the foam and that may have been custom to that store. No issues with the mattress.