Help Finding Best Quality Dual Comfort Latex Hybrids

Hi. I have been reading your site for hours. It’s super informative but I could use more help please! My husband and I need to replace a 20+ year old top of the line (at the time) Stearns & Foster. I know, I know, we should have done so long ago but every mattress I looked at over the years seemed to get terrible reviews and we were afraid we would end up worse off. It’s not saggy but pretty sure it’s no longer very cushy! We are ready to replace and we want a natural latex hybrid, preferably with dual comfort option. Husband is 57 yr old 6’2” 250+ side and back sleeper. I am 58 yr old 5’5” 148 mostly side sleeper with chronic hip pain and lower back pain. Fluffy 30# labradoodle snuggling in there too but she has no complaints as long as she can be in the bed with us.

We have used natural latex pillows for decades and love the springiness and natural fiber. Hate memory foam feeling and chemical makeup.

Due to our size differences and being accustomed to traditional inner spring tech I think you will agree hybrid would be ideal for us. I need to figure out if I want medium or plush on my side. Assuming firmer will suit my husband better due to his weight.

We want a high quality mattress that wont start sagging or otherwise deteriorating in a year.The ability to return it altogether if we hate it would be great. The ability to unzip and switch out comfort layers down the road also sounds good. Longevity is important. We will want a matching low profile foundation.

Looked at mattresses on websites for Saatva and Chas P Rogers and others that sounded good until I read horrible company reviews on other websites. We would really appreciate your help in narrowing down our best options as far as quality construction in a natural latex dual comfort hybrid. Willing to order online though the ability to kick the tires in person in the DC area would be nice. Thank you!

Hello Sleepylady,

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It’s unfortunate to note the decline in durability among mattresses from legacy brands like S&F. It seems the mattress industry has undergone significant changes over the years. There was a time where a S&F could provide 20 years of comfort without skipping a beat. Unfortunately, we have not seen that type of durability from the legacy brands in quite some time.

Transitioning to a natural latex hybrid promises to bring a noticeable difference for you and your partner. Latex offers remarkable contouring and pressure relief, while also delivering that supportive “push back” sensation.

While you have enjoyed your latex pillows the experience of moving from a traditional mattress to a latex mattress may take a short adjustment.

Fortunately, our Trusted Member Experts here at TMU excel in matching couples with the ideal mattress. Many of them offer hybrid options incorporating both Dunlop and Talalay latex, ensuring comfort levels that satisfy both partners.

@TheCleanBedroom stands out in the luxury market, in price ranges that rival those of S&F, albeit some that can move into a higher price range. Meanwhile, @Sleep_EZ, @Arizona_Premium, and @My_Green_Mattress also provide suitable split comfort options tailored to accommodate each individual’s preferences.

Exploring these options further will undoubtedly lead you to find the perfect mattress for your needs.

From the experiences shared by others in the DC area, it seems there’s a scarcity of showrooms where one can try out various desired mattresses before making a purchase. However, the Trusted Members have proven to be adept at finding the perfect solution when working with couples like yourselves. Rest assured, you’re in good hands.

I would suggest taking the time to explore the recommended websites of the Trusted Members mentioned. This will give you insight into how they craft their mattresses and the range of options they provide.

Remember, using the “@” symbol before the TM’s name will notify them that you’re seeking their advice or have questions specific to them.

With the arrival of the new business day, I anticipate that some of the Trusted Members mentioned will offer additional insights into your search for the perfect mattress. Their expertise and input could prove invaluable as you navigate through the myriad options available. Stay tuned for their advice—it might just help you make the right decision for a good night’s sleep.

Good luck on your search, if you have any questions feel free to inquire with the @maverick or the trusted member of your choice.

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Hi Sleepylady,

For the top layers of your mattress, I would suggest that you consider the following densities for each side. This is only for the top two layers and is based on your height and weight distribution. The coils below the latex will be determined by the manufacturer.

Her Side:
3" of 19 ILD Top Layer
3" of 24 ILD Second Layer

His Side:
3" of 28 ILD Top Layer
3" of 32 ILD Second Layer

I hope this helps.

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Hello sleepylady, and welcome to the Mattress Underground!

A hybrid mattress sounds like an excellent fit for you. Naturepedic features organic latex and cotton - all organic and toxin-free. They have been in business over 20 years. Naturepedic offers 5 different firmness levels and of course, you can customize by side. The Naturepedic EOS pillowtop may fit you well, as the extra layer of latex may help with cushioning as a side sleeper who is experiencing pain. 25 year warranty, so they are made to last.

There is a Naturepedic showroom in Rockville MD - don’t know how close that is to you, but perhaps you could try out options there.

We also offer Naturepedic. Although we are located in the Northeast, we ship nationwide. One of our experienced staff would be happy to help you through the selection process. Naturepedic has a swap layer program for the first 3 months or so of ownership, and we are experienced in working with that as well.

I hope this is helpful, best of luck to you.

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There’s a Saatva showroom in Logan Circle where you can try out their mattresses.

There’s also Sleepare in Tysons Corner where you can compare many online brands in person.

Thank you Maverick for all the great advice!

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Thanks CST for that info. I had not gotten down to that detail yet but appreciate the help!

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Thank you Clean Bedroom! Rockville is not far. I will try to go to the Naturepedic store to kick tires tomorrow. That EOS is definitely on my short list.


BedRuffles these are great leads!! I guess I will head to Tysons tomorrow too!

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We are always glad to help! Keep us posted on how it goes with Naturepedic.

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Have you looked at Naturepedic online? They also have a few stores in major cities. I just received mine and it is very well made. No off-gassing! They allow 100 days to change the custom layers for each side of the bed.