Help me find a 4lb density memory foam pillow/custom 4lb sized foam

I’ve been looking for a good viscoelastic memory foam pillow for a while but it is difficult. Most are proprietary materials or gel infused etc. I just want a standard block of viscoelastic memory foam for a pillow. Foam by mail does a 4lb pillow but it is only 14 inches wide. So, do you know of any 4 or even 5 lb density standard pillows or a site that will custom make something in 4lb density around 26 x 18 x 5.5?

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I have not searched to get a custom made Viscoelastic memory foam pillow.
I am pretty particular when it comes to pillows My partial pillow collection. I would say if you want a good quality VE Pillow, stick with Tempurpedic. Their procloud series is excellent. If you like very firm that is not a contour pillow, then their Dual Breeze pillow is for you, otherwise the procloud hi is the next in line for firmness.

I am sure you could try a few of the memory foam outlets on line, but you need to be careful, as some 4 and 5lb memory foams at some of the foam on line sellers use very soft foams.

Unfortunately, Tempurpedic does not allow returns, so you may need to go to one of their showrooms to try one. You can also buy on Amazon, where TP pillows are returnable. The best time to buy on TP website if you have found a model that you like, is on their BOGO free sale, that happens once or twice a month, so sign up for notifications on their website.

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I did actually try the Tempur-Pedic Pro cloud, it wasn’t bad but it was a bit firm once it compressed. I prefer the pure viscoolastic pillow I got from the Foam Factory, even though the 5 lb was a little firm. I just wish their pillows were wider than 14 inches.

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Which procloud did you try and how tall are you and what is your weight. For example, when I was using the procloud hi, I found it ideal, I am 6’ 220. My daughter 5’3 135, found the procloud mid perfect, and one of my friend/patients, 5’ 105 loves the procloud lo. So it is a matter of preference. The proclouds are their mid density series between 4-5lb range where the “cloud” series is a significantly softer.

5’9 230. Think it was the lo.

For someone 230 i would have suggested the procloud mid at 5’9, but if the lo was too firm, then you should look at the less firm cloud. TP may be more expensive but hold up and are the best quality memory foam. I am not fond of their mattresses but their pillows are good.