help picking a memory foam mattress

Hello I am 18 years old and suffer from some serious back pain due to posture issues when I was younger so 6 months ago my grandparents bought me a simmons beauty rest mattress shakespeare series and I shoud’ve done more research because seemingly just like everyone else’s mine sank. I am going to try and get my money back from sleepys but I have heard some horror stories, can you guys recommend a good memory foam mattress that is affordable, preferably a gel one too. I was looking at these options and would love to hear your thoughts on these mattress’s and also some feedback on other quality memory foam mattress’

Ultimate Dreams 13" Gel Memory Foam Mattress -Queen Size $800

DynastyMattress 14-Inch Grand Cool Breeze GEL Memory Foam Mattress-Queen Size $850

I would rather not spend more than 1200$ on the mattress

Hi memoryfoamoverlord,

The first place I would start with any mattress search is post #1 here which will provide you with the basic information, steps, and guidelines you will need to make good and informed choices.

As you will read … a mattress is only as good as it’s construction and materials and memory foam can be anything from cheap junk to very high quality. The key is to know how to tell the difference and to focus on “value” instead of just price.

Post #4 here has more information about Dynasty.

Dreamfoam and Brooklyn Bedding (who manufactures them) is a member of this site and like the other members here I consider them to be among the best quality and value in the country.


thanks for the response.

I’m going to either get the ultimate dreams gel 13 inch mattress or a custom mattress.

I was actually just on the phone with custom sleep design from Connecticut and I am going to go over there sometime this week and see what they can do to customize a mattress for me.

Hi memoryfoamoverlord,

They are certainly very different designs and use different materials but they are both great “value” in spite of the significant difference in prices between the two mattresses you are considering.

Both of them would make great choices (for different reasons of course) and I’m looking forward to hearing about what you end up choosing.


Hi Phoenix thanks for the reply

I have heard that the ultimate dreams 13’ inch gel mattress feels like the tempur-pedic cloud luxe so I went to Sleepy s today to try the could lux and found it was too soft. I found that the tempur-pedic rhapsody was much better for my spinal alignment. But I have also read that the ultimate dreams felt firmer then the cloud lux. Do you know how the rhapsody and ultimate dreams compare?

Also what are some quality online medium-firm mattress’ that are also a good value?

Hi memoryfoamoverlord,

Most of the members on the forum that have purchased it (and Brooklyn Bedding) have said it is “slightly” firmer but still in the quite soft range.

No … I’ve never seen the Ultimate Dreams or slept on it so I really have no idea (outside of it being a similar comparison to the Cloud Luxe and the Rhapsody). I do know though that they are working on a mattress that will approximate the Rhapsody.

Some of the better online memory foam manufacturers I’m aware of are listed in post #12 here. Some of them have mattresses that approximate some or all of the tempurpedic lineup either in feel, quality of materials, design, or all three (see post #2 here).