Help with latex topper recommendations


I have a new stearns and foster innerspring lux cassatt estate ultra plush with memory foam pillow top.

Its a 16 inch mattress but still feels too firm and my hips hurt , and arm falls asleep and body hurts. Could I use a 2 or 3 inch soft organic talalay matress topper on this? What do you guys recommend? I am 6ft 2 and weigh 220 pounds, have late stage lyme disease, fybromyalgia, cfs immune disorder and looking for pressure relief on this new mattress. It also has a 5 inch low profile split cal king box spring.

Thank you so much in advance for your help!

Hey Mkczj,

Welcome to the Mattress Underground :slight_smile: ! Thanks for your question.

Congrats on your new S & F Lux Estate Cassatt mattress! Thanks for including the product link, I used it to take a quick look at your mattress’s construction. The 16" ultra plush uses Indulge™ HD memory foam as its comfort layer (a separate site describes this as a higher density/ 5 lbs per cu ft.), as well as an 1" tall layer of microcoils between the memory foam and pocket coil support array. Memory foam can be a good choice for pressure relief in the comfort layer of a mattress, but it sounds in your case that your body isn’t getting correct support. What is your preferred sleep position(s)? How long have you been using your new mattress? Your body will require about 30 days of sleep adjustment to better know whether the mattress is suitable long term; do you have any exchange or return remedies should you continue to have discomfort? What brand and type mattress were you using before and how old was it? Did you update your pillows too or using ones you already have? If possible, you may want to have someone take a pic of you while you are on the mattress in your normal sleeping position(s) for more clues on how your body is engaging the mattress’s surface.

When you say “organic” Talalay latex, do you mean natural Talalay latex? To my knowledge, there currently isn’t Talalay latex that is GOLS/ Global Organic Latex Standard certified or any other organic certifications, as this process adds to production costs and has little to do with the quality or performance of the product. You can read much more on this subject in the Phoenix post #26.Regarding your question, you could add a 2 or 3" topper, as long as your okay with the total resulting height. If you haven’t slept on your new mattress a full 30 days, you may want to wait a bit to adjust to its feel before going to the expense of adding a topper.

I’m sorry to learn of your chronic pain medical conditions Mkczj and hope that you will find comfort and pressure relief as you adjust to your new mattress. If you do find that you want to try a topper, many of our TMU trusted members offer mattress pillow tops and would be happy to help you. Looking forward to hearing more about your S & F sleep trial and good luck :wink: .


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Thank you for the reply and input and so sorry for the long delay.

Since I have made my original post, I recently purchased a cal king 2 inch sleep on latex organic dunlap soft topper and it helps with added pressure relief but still feels hard at times. I am thinking of purchasing a 2 inch or 3 inch Soft Talalay topper, replacing the dunlap topper, in order to give me the cloud like, springy soft pressure relief without me sinking too far down. I am a side and back sleeper. I don’t want to buy a new latex bed yet, but will consider it as this bed is unbearable without an additional latex topper, but the additional height is a problem and additional weight on my bed frame. I emailed with Plush Beds, Sleepez and latex mattress factory (sister company to sleepez) and they have been very helpful.

So my question is should I try again with a natural soft latex topper or get a new DIY natural latex bed?

Here is a link to my current bed so you can see he specs

Thank you

I want to also add that have low back pain, bulging and torn disc’s and two previous lower back surgeries.

Thank you in advance for recommendations and input.