Help with Mattress search in OKC

I was ready to head out tomorrow morning to purchase a S Brand mattress from Sears until I found The Mattress Underground website today. I was delighted after I reading your information about what to look for in a mattress.

Prior to finding your website I had researched several mattress reviews, watched You Tube, US Mattress, read The Old Bed Guy’s website about Charles P Roger’s St Regis mattress and almost ordered it on-line all the way from New York.

I also ran across Consumer’s Report March 2014 article listing their top choice mattresses tested, Serta iSeries Applause, Simmons Beauty Rest Palasides, Costco’s Novafoam, etc. I even went out and joined Sam’s Club to purchase CR’s highly rated iSeries Applause but found the $1700 price tag stopped me in my tracks. CR stated the cost was around $1000 at the time of testing so I assume their ratings drove the price up. in regards to Novafoam we don’t have Costco store in town

I visited a small retailer here in town the Bed man who carries “Golden” mattresses, top model ‘Cashmere’ at $1300.

Mathis Brothers furniture who dominates the furniture market here and who also opened their own mattress factory/store which carries Lady Americana brand.

I ran across another small retailer named Sleepworld carries Sleeptronic and iMattress which I know nothing about.

We also have a Serta factory in town who told me they don’t sell to the public, therefore this may actually be where many retailers are having their mattresses made.

I tested out Mattress Firm, Temperpedic, Stears and Foster, Simmons BeautyRest but I just couldn’t wrap my head around the $2800 price tag for a medium priced Simmons Beauty Rest Pillow top. The Temperpedic mattress cost was $3000 - $7000 depending if the adjustable model was purchased. I found the mattress very hard as I laid on it longer and the fact it’s sinks in at the edge when sitting. The salesman asked me why would you sit on the edge anyway ?

I’m just about to throw in the towel.

What I find most interesting is none of them talk about the type of foam, gel, poly or latex, nor do they talk about the quality nor density of the layers. They list items such as AirCool Foam, Tru Temp Gel, AirCool Memory Foam, Edge foam encasement, Cool twist technology, 1/2 inch, 2 inch, but no information as listed on your website in regards to Latex foam, Poly, Microcoils, quality or density.

Therefore I would like to know if you can steer me in a better direction so that I may find a retailer located in the OKC-Edmond Oklahoma area.

Perhaps one who will not tell me all Presidents of the United States slept on a Simmons Beauty Rest until Obama came along !

Your advice is greatly appreciated.

Hi Bekind,

Sadly … your experience is not that unusual and most of the members here who have spent an hour or two reading the tutorial post know more meaningful information about mattresses than most of the salespeople in the mainstream industry. Most mainstream stores are much more focused on the “stories” they’ve learned and marketing than they are on educating their customers.

I don’t normally put things quite so “bluntly” (I try to be a little more diplomatic most of the time) … but the consumers report mattress buying guide is really a joke and very misleading for many reasons … there is just no other word for it. It was clearly written by people who have little understanding of mattresses or mattress materials or the industry as a whole.

The better options and possibilities I’m aware of in the Oklahoma City area are listed in post #2 here and includes one of the members of this site which I think very highly of and compete well with the best in the industry. They are probably the first place (and quite possibly the last place) I would visit.