How to be sure I'm getting 100% all natural Talalay latex?

Hello! First off, I am so glad I found this site and just want to thank everyone for all the wonderful and insightful information!

A little background about our situation, which is a bit unique. We are looking to build a “family bed” as we have two daughters that for the past 6 months or so, have been in our king bed with us. We of course don’t mind, but need some extra room.

Were planning to do a king and twin XL pushed next to each other to create one large sleeping area. The sleepers will be Mom, Dad, a 4 and 1/2-year-old, and a 1 and 1/2-year-old.

Mom is 5’4" 150 lbs. Dad is 5’7" 165 lbs.

I am nearly sold on purchasing 100% certified organic Dunlop from sleep on latex for the bottom two layers. For our height and weight stats, I’m thinking 3 inches of firm Dunlop at the bottom, 3 inches of medium Dunlop for the middle layer. Now comes my question with the top layer.

I am very allergic to pretty much all indoor allergies, and very set on wanting the most natural and organic all latex bed possible. I’m confident in the certifications and conversations I’ve had with sleep on latex about the bottom two Dunlop layers, but really struggling with the top layer which I would like to be Talalay.

It seems from a lot of the information I read, a lot of suppliers will say all natural when they actually contain a majority of synthetic or blended Talalay. Are there any specific vendors or suppliers that you know of that to in fact supply 100% all natural (or at least 95% as I realized there has to be some bonding agents used, etc). Is there any certification or testing done to know if in fact the supplier uses 100% all natural Talalay? Or, a place to find the actual natural latex makeup? Or do you just really have to trust the word of the seller?

I’m also open to any advice on firmness suggestions or do you think I’m on the right track with 3 inches firm Dunlop, 3 inches medium Dunlop and 3 inches soft Talalay at the top? Or would you suggest a 2 inch Talalay topper? Or a different configuration?

And for my situation with allergies, do you think purchasing talalay from a vender that uses Talalay Global or Vita Talalay would be better for any reason? Does either vendor supply a more natural Talalay?

And finally, as far as a cover to encase the whole mattress, I would like to go with something that’s a 100% organic stretch cotton in order to sleep as close to the latex as possible. I’m reading that quilted covers, and covers that use wool as a fire barrier often change the feel quite significantly, and you don’t feel the latex as much. Any insight on that? Or, is it a bad idea to not use a cover that has wool in it? Are there any vendors you would recommend that supply verified and certified 100% organic covers?

Again, I think you very much for all the great information, as well as any insightful information you can provide here with my situation! This site is the best!

Hi PressPlay -

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We understand the concern and - yes! We vet our Trusted Members for transparency. Latex bought from Arizona Premium, DIY Natural Bedding and DIY Mattress as well as Flobeds won’t be hiding any creepy chemicals.

It gets tricky here with 4 different sleepers on a bed. Everyone is going to have different needs and preferences. Children generally benefit from a firmer bed, parents often need comfort AND support.
A 3"/3"/3" configuration is popular and tends to work for a wide variety of sleepers.

The layers you put atop a mattress can change the feel some. You’re not the first person to prefer a cotton stretch cover. However…as someone who also has a toddler in the bed…my personal favorite is this bamboo cover. It is quilted but I don’t find it completely changes the feel of my bed. It just adds a little softness AND waterproofness :slight_smile: It is not organic, though.

SleepEZ has a stretch cotton cover as does [url=]Luma[url] (this one is organic).


Hi PressPlay,

There is also a good thread that goes into more details on 100% all natural talalay here

Hope this helps