how to contact a company for stats?

Hey there. I’ve searched & researched your awesome website. Thank you. I found a pretty good deal on a King Firm Plush Solstice Sleep Daventry Cottage mattress ($500) but I can’t find any reviews on it exactly. I tried to find out what the foam’s depth is, what it’s made of & where it is made. And, whether the company has a good reputation. There were a few not-so-good customer service/product reviews with the BBB. I believe it is produced by Simmons.
Have you any experience with this company / brand? Should I call the HQ in OH?
Would you please recommend a few locally / family owned shops in the Birmingham, AL area? I figure there will be some good Memorial Day sales coming up & we are ready to buy!
From what I have read, I think I’d like to go with two-sided, mattress only (no box), 70:30 latex blend, NR Dunlop & since my husband is over 200 lbs, we should go with 1.8 lb density within the top 5-6". Good support & I do like the Memory foam types that move with your body :whistle:
Thank you in advance.

Hi tiridley,

You can read a little more about Solstice Sleep Products in post #2 here along with the rest of the topic and the posts and information it links to.

In most cases the retailer would have the best chance of success at finding out foam specs for you (many manufacturers don’t deal with consumer requests for information directly) but in the case of Solstice I wouldn’t be optimistic that you will be able to find them out.

The better options and possibilities I’m aware of in the Birmingham area are listed in post #57 here.

While there are certainly some “legitimate” sales with smaller discounts on holidays … most of the “major holiday sales” with larger discounts are based on fake retail prices and I would treat them as more of a warning sign than something worth waiting for (see point #5 in the guidelines here and post #5 here about fake sales).

I would avoid the temptation to try and design your own mattress or decide on the specs of a mattress that you think may work best ahead of time. Even the best mattress designers in the industry don’t know for sure what a combination of specs and materials they have never slept on will feel like until they try it and they are often surprised at how different it feels in real life compared to the “theory” that they imagined.


Hi again! Your links are SO helpful! I called myself searching the forum for some of the items you sent a link on. Sorry about that. I have given out this website to several friends & I really appreciate all the time you spend educating us & supporting the smaller, more knowledgeable businesses which is where we shop as often as possible…
Our plan was to follow your advice & were taking Saturday to visit the stores you suggested in Pelham. However, since we were at a bargain discount store (Overstock sends overstock to them) for something else already, we figured we’d at least look at their mattresses. There weren’t many & only one King. It was still fully wrapped with a tag stating it was produced “in MA, USA” in January 2014 yet was a brand we’d never heard of - which could be good. While laying on it we researched on our phones for probably 45 minutes. It’s a double-sided mattress, no pillow top & has enough “gel” that we felt our bodies sink in ever so slowly. It doesn’t have springs so it’s light enough for me to handle alone if need be. Heck, we LIKED this mattress very much indeed.
I searched for the Model # online, found it & it gave all the specs for fibers that make up the insides & outside (support & comfort). It met your minimal standards. The website also showed several certifications I was happy with & that you suggested (Certi-Pur USA & global organic textiles standard). I did call their office in MA but since they are on Eastern time, they must have been closed.
We’d budgeted $600 max for a mattress we’d like to last 4 - 6 years. This mattress was marked down to $240! That’s hard to pass up even if we only get 2 years out of it. It definitely passed your PPP tests for both of us. We decided to buy it so when we got it to the register & she rang it in, it was 50% off!! Even better. So we got a King mattress we love (still love) for $120. We built a frame for it so no box springs needed.
I searched but couldn’t find anything about the company on your site. Here is a link to the website we found on the mattress: Perhaps you have heard of them? Any way, I wanted to update & thank you for taking time. We are happy & now I can refer folks over to your site. Cheers!!

Hi tlridley,

I don’t know the specifics of what is inside your mattress so I can’t comment about it’s quality, durability or value (but it sounds like you may have purchased a used mattress of some kind (comfort exchange, warranty return etc.). Normally these don’t have a warranty but of course you paid a very low price so this may well be worth it for you.

Jeffco Fibers is a foam fabricator or what is often called a “cut and sew” company which buys foam from other companies and then cuts the foam and makes a wide range of different mattresses that are sold through many different retailers or resellers under many different names and often shipped directly from the foam fabricator. A couple of other examples of similar companies are Abad Foam and Allied Foam.

Like any mattress … outside of PPP … they are only as good in terms of their quality/value as their construction and the quality of the materials inside them (and I don’t know the specifics of your mattress).

In the budget range you are in … as long as you are comfortable with the likelihood that you are buying a returned mattress without a warranty … if it even contains “reasonable” quality materials then you probably did well.

Congratulations on your new mattress :slight_smile: