I just want to sleep pain free


We’ve had our mattress for about 2 years (pillowtop) I wouldn’t think it would be worn out. We bought the box springs and the mattress all at once. We moved a couple of months ago and ever since the move this bed is killing me. Started out it was hurting my back so I rotated it a quarter turn (multiple times) That never made a difference. I put a blanket under it to try to see if that a made a difference., That didn’t work either. I then tried putting a 1/4" piece of board under it and that has just made my shoulders hurt,. I sleep on my side and strangely it’s the side that I don’t sleep on that hurts the most. It’s even hurting now and I’m not even laying down! Thoughts?

Is there a sag / depression in the mattress? If you can measure it and find that it exceeds manufacturer tolerances, you should be entitled to a new mattress under a non prorated warranty. And if that’s the case, hopefully you’ll have options and can avoid a pillowtop with inferior components.

Hi celldweller454,

Unfortunately your issues with your mattress are all too common and are almost always the result of a mattress that uses lower quality and less durable materials in the upper layers (especially with pillowtops) which will soften or break down much too quickly. While you may be one of the fortunate few that quality for a warranty replacement (and it’s certainly worth checking) … in most cases the impressions in your mattress will be less than the warranty exclusion (which is commonly 1.5") and the issue is more about foam softening (or “virtual” impressions") which results in the loss of comfort and/or support and the need to replace the mattress which aren’t considered to be a defect and aren’t covered by a warranty (see post #174 here). This is one of the reasons that I strongly suggest avoiding most major brand mattresses or any mattress where you can’t confirm the quality and durability of the materials inside it (see this article).

While it’s very difficult to fix these types of foam softening or sagging issues without removing and replacing the foam layers that have become too soft or are sagging … there are some suggestions in post #4 here that may be worth trying and may be helpful.


A few things popped up when reading your post. Is it possible you damaged the mattress when you moved? It’s easy to do that with a king size and many brands do not secure their upholstery foam layers very well. Also, is it possible your pain issue is related to your move - did you strain something during that time and now it is more evident when sleeping? You mentioned that placing a 1/4" board under the mattress made it harder, but with most modern mattresses this shouldn’t have made a difference, as the foundations tend to be rigid and not flex. Could some of the slats or grid networks on the foundation have been broken or dented?

I’m trying to find reasons why there would be a sudden change in your comfort after this event and those are a few ideas I have. You don’t mention the brand/model of mattress so I’m not sue of the structure of the mattress and/or foundation to offer any further advice.

And of course, it could unfortunately be an issue of the product losing comfort on its own because of the quality of componentry/assembly, as Phoenix already pointed out.

I hope some of that information is helpful.

Good luck!

Hi MattressToGo (Jeff),

Thanks for making the connection with the move … the sequence of events does seem to be pointing in that direction as a strong possibility.

That’s why two heads are always better than one :slight_smile: