I need a topper for my IKEA Heggedal

Hello folks,

My specs: 34 year old male of average height, 145 pounds/65kg, no preexisting health conditions or areas of pain, 75% back, 20% side sleeper, 5% stomach sleeper. I use Costco’s Charisma 400 count Egyptian cotton sheets – I believe the same sheets our Administrator, Phoenix, attests to using. For special occasions, I use Rayon sheets.

I purchased a Queen-sized IKEA Heggedal mattress (Innerspring + latex) about a month ago, and it’s almost exactly what I need, but not quite. I am not a heavy person and I’m mostly a back sleeper, so I thought this level of high firmness would be ideal, but after sleeping on it a few days, I started to wake up with mild lower back pain in the lumbar area – I think I’m not getting support in that area, i.e., it’s almost arching itself off the mattress.

First, I tried the matching IKEA latex topper, the Sultan Torod, and to be honest, I think it made the situation worse. I really don’t know why that was – maybe it was the tufting, or maybe it’s the same medium-firmness as the latex already in the mattress? I sheepishly returned the topper to IKEA.

Next, I tried a Costco 3" Novaform gel-infused memory foam topper. This was successful at rectifying the problem, and I’d love to love it, but I just can’t keep it – it’s too heat-retaining and mobility-restraining. IMO, gel-infused memory foam is snake oil, it doesn’t keep you cool for long, and any memory foam of this thickness might as well be plaster of paris – it definitely puts a damper on spontaneous minor intimacies.

Most recently, I tried a cheap 1.5" “memory foam” from Wal-Mart. This stuff appears to have little to no memory abilities at all, it’s clearly very cheap (low density?) stuff. But after sleeping on it a few days, I think it’s doing the job. But I won’t be keeping this either, as it doesn’t fit my mattress right, and anyway I’m sure there’s got to be something better out there that you folks can recommend. It still has some of the memory-foam bondage of its thicker Costco cousin, but in truth it isn’t so bad. Still, nothing like what I remember the IKEA latex topper being like – so resilient, that one made spontaneous movement effortless. You didn’t feel like a half-embalmed mummy.

Would a [b]soft /b latex topper of 1.5-2" be the next recommended trial here, perhaps covered with a thin wool mattress pad to aid in heat dispersal? I know this is in theory similar to what I tried with the IKEA topper, but my guess is there’s just something particular to their latex topper that ruins it for me. Maybe it’s too firm. Maybe the tufted area was where my lower back went seeking support.

Or how about something like the Extra Plush Bamboo Fitted Mattress Topper, by ExceptionalSheets at Amazon?

I’ve been fortunate so far in being allowed to return those items I was unhappy with. My next purchases, however, won’t be so easily returnable. If you kind and intelligent folks could assist me in avoiding the worst of mistakes, and perhaps even assist in the achievement of (humble, non-sacrilegious and near-) perfection, I would be ever so appreciative.

Very Sincerely,


Hi chs4000,

Unfortunately there are too many unknowns, variables, and personal preferences involved and too make differences between different people to be able to predict which topper may work best for you based on a formula or specs (either yours or a mattress) and the only way to know whether a mattress/topper combination will work well for you is based on your own personal sleeping experience.

Having said that … post #2 here and the topper guidelines and sources that it links to can help shift the odds in your favor and make the best possible choice that has the highest odds of success. Some of the suggestions in post #2 here may also be helpful and I would rule out anything that is under your mattress or over your mattress as a possible source of the issues you are having before adding a topper. It may be worth trying your mattress on the floor to rule out any issues with the support system under your mattress.

As you mentioned … if you are uncertain about whether any particular topper will work for you then return or exchange policies can become a much more important part of the “value” of your purchase.

Based on your feedback it seems that you aren’t a fan of the slow response nature of memory foam (especially in thicker layers) so it may be worthwhile sticking with latex or other more resilient materials.

Fiber toppers are also much less resilient and “supportive” than foam and they can work well for providing some cushioning under pressure points or changing the “feel” of the sleeping surface but they are not as effective at redistributing pressure along the body surface and maintaining good alignment. They don’t “hold up” the recessed parts of the body (such as the small of the back) as well as a more resilient foam material.

Based on your feedback this would seem to make sense as the next part of a trial and error process although your experience with the Ikea topper does seem to contradict this to some degree as well. I don’t know the firmness of the Ikea topper so there isn’t a way to use it as a reference point. It has 1 5/8" of latex which is similar in thickness to the memory foam topper you are currently using but the tufting would make it firmer so based on your better experience with the two memory foam toppers (especially the one you have now) it may be worthwhile trying a softer latex topper probably somewhere in the range of 14 - 19 ILD and in about the same thickness range as the topper you currently have (about 2" or a little less).


Thank you Phoenix!

I remember reading in a post here somewhere that Mountain Top Foam makes all of IKEA’s latex, and that IKEA might use the same latex density across all their latex products, a density that MTF calls C3, which corresponds to an ILD range of 21.5-24.5.

This all comes from one post on this forum so I don’t know if it’s true or not. Their latex mattress topper made so little difference to the feel of the mattress, it just boggled my mind how the product could be justified even except to fill out their highest-end price tier. Based upon how it felt, it wouldn’t surprise me if it did, in fact, use the same density latex as that latex which is built into the mattress on top of the springs.

I’ll see what I can come up with. After hours upon hours of looking around to find a reputable and cost-effective source for latex toppers, I’m a little discouraged, but I’m sure I’ll feel up to it soon. Good sleep is something I cherish and I’ll move the earth if that’s what it takes to achieve it. :slight_smile:

Hi chs4000,

Ikea does use latex made by Mountaintop Foam and the firmness they use in their mattresses is C3 but I don’t know if that’s the firmness of their topper and I would also be aware that ILD numbers don’t match up well between different types of latex so I would only use them if you are comparing the same type and blend of latex in the same thickness. The Mountaintop ILD’s will likely feel firmer compared to the same ILD and thickness of Talalay latex.

I would also keep in mind that each person’s experience can be very different from someone else and some people that add their topper would say that the mattress was softer (even if it’s the same C3 ILD) just because of the additional thickness while others like yourself would say that it didn’t make any difference. Each person’s experience with a mattress/topper combination can be unique and can be very different from someone else.

There are many good sources that are linked in the topper guidelines and some of them have good exchange and/or return policies as well which can reduce the risk of an online topper purchase.


Mattresses.net seems to be a reputable, conscientious company from what I read online, but the return policy leaves something to be desired. Anyway, what do you think of this one? It’s slightly firmer than the range you gave earlier, but it seems like the companies that offer products in that ILD range are much more expensive, unless I’ve overlooked something.

I’m looking at spending no more than roughly $200. Any specific suggestions? Talalay, 2", Queen, ILD 15-20 give or take. Also, durability is a concern of mine, so 100% natural latex seems like a poor choice so I’ll tend to avoid that if there’s an appreciable delta in long-term durability.

Thank you,


Hi chs4000,

They certainly are a reliable and conscientious company. Return policies are generally built into the cost of a product so that the people who don’t return a product are paying for the ones that do.

It’s certainly a high quality product at a good price although I would add a cover to protect the topper from long term oxidation. If you are looking for something softer in a 2" topper then KTT Enterprises has the full range of Latex International Talalay in any thickness and ILD.

Any latex will be a more durable choice than other types of foam toppers but in the lowest ILD’s then 100% natural Talalay can be less durable than blended Talalay from Latex International although Radium says that in the case of the Talalay they manufacture both would be roughly the same in terms of durability.

There are too many unknowns, variables, and preferences involved in either mattresses or toppers to make specific suggestions but the topper guidelines I linked earlier have some general suggestions in terms of thickness and ILD that use your sleeping experience and how much more softness and pressure relief you are looking for as a reference point.


I purchased a 2" 19 ILD natural/synthetic blended Talalay-process latex topper from KTT Enterprises and should receive it in a week or two. So far, I’m very impressed with their customer service and reasonable pricing, though you do have to use a web form to submit a quote request since their prices aren’t listed on their web site, but it’s well worth doing because they reply quickly and undercut many of other retailers, some of whom appreciably overcharge IMO.

Also, they’re run by the daughter & son of the founder of Latex International, which is sort of cool.

By the way, I opted for the topper cover that they sell, after all. I won’t be using umpteen fitted sheets. :slight_smile:

Hi chs4000,

Thanks for the update and feedback about KTT … and I certainly agree that they are good people to deal with.

I think you made a good decision about using a topper cover as well.

I hope you have the chance to share your feedback after you receive it.



Please do share your feedback after you’ve gotten a chance to try out the topper! I am actually having the exact same problem now–I am in the same weight range and recently tried a Tuft & Needle 5, which is too firm and I can feel my lower back arching off the mattress.

I’m also trying to find a budget-friendly solution and I purchased a La Noodle topper when I went to buy the pillow, since they were both on sale, but I haven’t opened it yet and am a bit nervous to since I don’t believe I can return it once it has been opened. I know it won’t provide the same level of support as a “true” latex topper hence the hesitation.

Looking forward to your observations/comments!

I will certainly reply once I’ve got the topper (sometime next week I’d guess). I’m sorry to hear you’re having the same problem I am – I suspect this latex topper will work out well. By the way, the 1.5" “memory foam” topper I tried from Wal-Mart, was almost perfect, and was a heck of a lot cheaper, at somewhere around $60 or so. I have my doubts about its quality however – I bought it, expecting memory foam type behavior, e.g., hand imprint takes a few seconds to disappear, sink down into it slowly, etc., But instead, it feels more like standard foam to me. Soft and cushy, but reslient, no memory. If it’s memory foam, which it says that it is, then it has to be very low density stuff (which usually means it won’t last long). Couple that with the fact that it doesn’t really fit my mattress as well as I’d like (about 1.5" short on each side, so it made my mattress look like the bottom of a pyramid), and it was a quick decision to return it. If it fit better, and I could be assured it would last a few years without forming appreciable body impressions, then I would have had my perfect product.

Hi chs4000,

What you are describing would be very typical of lower density memory foam (little memory) which would also be less durable than higher quality/density memory foam toppers. If you were to buy a similar topper in a 4 or 5 lb density then it would have a much greater chance of lasting you for a few years or longer. Some of the better sources for memory foam layers or toppers I’m aware of are also included in the component post here as well just in case you decide at some point to try a memory foam topper once again.


The 19 ILD latex topper I received from KTT Enterprises is precisely correct for my body. I couldn’t be more thrilled with it! It gives me the softness, support, and relative coolness that I was looking for. To top it off (oy), I received my LL Bean 280 thread count pima cotton percale bed sheets the same day that I received the latex topper. The latex topper and those bed sheets have me sleeping cool & comfortable now.

Hi chs4000,

Thanks for the update and feedback … I appreciate it!

It’s great to hear that your “informed choices” worked out so well for you :slight_smile: