I need an advice in buying a new bed

Dear all,

Maybe you can help me.
I spent too much time on the net already about trying tofind the best value price ratio for me.
Icurrently have a 10 yr old foam mattress.
As far as I gonna move together with my girlfriend I need something bigger and better.
I am looking for a firm king size box spring inner spring bed. I don’t need a pillow top or something like that. I still can add a topper, right. :slight_smile:
And I will not buy a bed without comfort guarantee again. The last bed I bought just gave me back pain and I could not return it. Thanks… Bythe way: when testing the mattress, it felt great in the store.

I don’t mind spending some money but do look around not more than 1500$ including the box.

I live around Chicago.

I took my time to go tothebig stores like american mattress, sears,sleepys and so on. Only one person didn’t try to sell me a bed although I said I don’t want to buy today but only in 6month.

As said, I was disappointed once already and don’t wanna do the same mistake again.

I actually foung the quality sleep store via this websitr and will check it out on the weekend. Are there any other stores which might offer a bed in myprice range around Chicago?

One more thing: I do have some backpain, so the matress has to provide a nice weight and pressure distribution.
I am 5’10’’ and about 175lbs. My girl is about 115 lbs and 5’3’'. We both like it firm and want to have one large mattress.

Thanms for this great website and the support.

Hi Matt123,

Hopefully you’ve had the chance to read the tutorial post here which has all the basic information, steps, and guidelines that can help you make the best possible choices … and know how to avoid the worst ones. It’s always the best place to start.

Quality Sleep Shop and their sister company My Green Mattress are one of the members of this site which means that they compete well with the best in the industry and they would probably be the first (and possibly the last) place I would visit if I was shopping for a mattress in Chicagoland.

Some of the other options and possibilities I’m aware of that may also be worth considering are listed in posts #2 and #4 here.

[quote]One more thing: I do have some backpain, so the matress has to provide a nice weight and pressure distribution.
I am 5’10’’ and about 175lbs. My girl is about 115 lbs and 5’3’'. We both like it firm and want to have one large mattress.[/quote]

Choosing the mattress that is the best “match” for you in terms of PPP (Posture and alignment, Pressure relief, and Personal preferences) depends on your personal testing and experience (hopefully based on the testing guidelines in the tutorial post) and is the part of mattress shopping that nobody else can do for you because nobody else can feel what you feel on a mattress (see mattress firmness/comfort levels in post #2 here).


Dear phoenix,
Thanks for thenfastbreply.

Yes, I read your introduction already and spent a lot of time on research already.

I figured out, that too many options is not helping you either.
I have no idea where to start.

You are right. A good and knowledgable sales person is mosgt important. But I found that at American Matress as well.
But that may have been an exception.

Is there anything else to add?

I will go to the quality sleep shop on the weekend (weather permittin) and check out their beds.
Hopefully I find something in my pricerange and on which I sleep well.

Any other hints from your side or anyone else?

Thanks a lot!

Hi Matt123,

It sounds like you’ve completed step 1, 2, and 3, so you just have steps 4 and 5 to go.

I would stay open to all the different types of materials and mattresses and use careful and objective testing in combination with the guidance of the retailer or manufacturer you are working with (assuming they have good knowledge and experience and aren’t just there to “make the sale”) to decide on the types of materials, components, and mattresses you prefer.

One of the most important parts of success is that your testing is as close as possible to your sleeping habits and experience.

Make sure that you know the specifics of all the materials inside any mattress you have tested for PPP and are seriously considering as a “finalist” so you can identify any potential weak links and make more meaningful comparisons with other mattresses. Weak links or finding out what is inside your mattress won’t be a problem at either Quality Sleep or My Green Mattress. Too much information or too much focus on mattress specs (to the exclusion of your own personal testing and experience) and too little information (not knowing the quality of the materials inside a mattress) can both lead to worse choices and buyers remorse. Your body will tell you what works well more than “theory”.

Finally compare your finalists based on the parts of your personal value equation that are most important to you to decide on which of your finalists is the “best choice” for you.


Dear phoenix,
Thanks again for the reply.

You are absolutely right.

My only concern is,that last time I ended up buying a mattress that felt best in the store.
My backpain wouldn’t go away and I didn’t sleep well on the matress.
Sleeping and lying down for 15 mins can be a huge difference, at least that’s what I experienced.

Long story short: I ended up spending a lot of mney on a product I couldn’t use and that made me switch back to my old mattress.
I definitely want to avoid that this time.

Do you have any advise on that issue and how to handle/deal with that?

Thanks and best regards,

Hi Matt123,

Good testing will end up much closer to your actual sleeping experience than more subjective testing based on “showroom feel” which has lower odds of success than random chance alone (see this study). While there may still be differences between your testing and your sleeping experience … accurate and objective testing using the testing guidelines in the tutorial post will usually be “close enough” that only fine tuning is necessary after a purchase.

In many cases a manufacturer will also have good options available in case your sleeping experience doesn’t match your testing and the options you have available after a purchase to fine tune or make changes to a mattress (by changing or replacing layers) can also be an important part of each person’s personal value equation and it would be important to make sure you know all your options both before and after a purchase so you can take this into account of you aren’t confident that your testing would be a good reflection of your sleeping experience.

One of the benefits of dealing with a local manufacturer is often their ability to work with you before, during, and after your purchase until you are happy with your mattress.