I need mattress cover for a 14 inch mattress. Is my options only from Sleep Like a Bear?

I’ve recently completed a DIY project and built a 14-inch mattress. I’m now in search of a suitable mattress cover that won’t significantly alter the feel of my mattress. I’ve heard great things about Sleep Like a Bear, but I’m wondering if they are my only option for a cover that fits a mattress of this size.

Can anyone here provide recommendations for a mattress cover that would be suitable for a 14-inch DIY mattress? I’m particularly interested in materials that maintain the comfort and integrity of the mattress while offering durability and protection.

Additionally, if anyone has experience with mattress covers from Sleep Like a Bear or other vendors for similar DIY projects, I would love to hear your thoughts and experiences.

Also thought on wool vs Cotton?

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We make covers up to 15" in house. Here is the link - Replacement Mattress Covers

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Well it’s really expensive. Looking for something in the lower price range

What is the price range?

I would like to buy something that’s less than $200

What size mattress is it.

its Queen size.

I am just wondering if there is a list of Mattress cover recommendation? also Also thought on wool vs Cotton?

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Just a quick question this one 15" Organic Cotton for $189 free shipping after MU5 discount. What would you like different than this one? This way we can narrow it down.

Do you think that wool is better? Can you also recommend another brand company?

Wool is nice and temperature neutral as is cotton, but wool is usually about 25% or 30% higher in price, but I have been querying a few of our trusted members for more information on wool availability. It appears that @Arizona_Premium has the best prices and availability for that product.

isn’t Wool better than cotton?

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I am not quite certain that if you would get a line up of 100 people to suggest which is better wool or cotton, you would probably get a split decision. I would like to say, “better in what way?” Both are natural fibers. Wool does compress a bit more and can become firmer, if quilted with a little thickness. Both are breathable and comfortable. I believe cotton is a bit more springy, but for me, fairly insignificant. Wool as a natural fiber is more expensive. Compare wool and cotton comforters pillows, and most other bedding products.
When a product is more expensive, that doesnt make it better. As you already know, it is the process, availability and manufacturing that contribute to the cost of any item.
As long as the product is well made, with quality materials and workmanship, that is where the focus should be. I am quite sure that @Arizona_Premium could offer you percentages of which mattress cover sells more and is more popular. I don’t have any information about the percentage of what their sales data might be.

I don’t like to speculate, but the wool version verses the cotton version @Arizona_Premium is probably a 60/40 split if not 50/50. Although many DIY’ers, do it themself for price considerations, many do it for quality reasons, as they simply feel they can build an excellent quality mattress and feel a sense of pride in doing it themself. To that end, most are not making the decision on the Wool vs Cotton Cover on price, although in the 60/40 guess I am making, I believe it favors cotton. I will leave it up to @Arizona_Premium to offer that comparison information as I am speaking off the hip on that one. I can tell you that when creating my own two chamber pillow of horsehair and shredded foam combination, I chose the @biosleepconcepts iris pillow cover BSC Cotton Pillowcase and I could have chosen wool as an option.

Perhaps we will get a response from our Trusted Member on the wool vs cotton comparison, but it seems to me more folks use cotton.


*In so far as another company, every other company I queried was considerably more expensive, so it is going to be a tough nut to crack that @Arizona_Premium price.

Hi TeaKay,

Re: Wool vs. cotton.
Both are natural, breathable fibers and would add to the comfort of your mattress.
@Maverick is correct in that wool is usually a little higher priced. Wool is temperature regulating, wicks moisture, and if woven tightly or felted, provides moisture resistance. Cotton is breathable, being a natural fiber, and sometimes woven more stretchy, as in this one by Suite Sleep, which is nice if your mattress is latex and you want your pad to have some give. It is a little over your price range, but there may be sales next month, since President’s Day is traditionally a big mattress and accessories sale month. You also have the TMU5 discount.

Other cotton options: Sleep and Beyond and Naturepedic each have a waterproof, non-crinkly, cotton protector that fits into your price range.

Any of these three would fit a 14" mattress.
Hope this information is helpful!

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Just wanted to chime in, I normally recommend this company when customers ask us for mattress covers without wool - Organic Mattress Covers | FoamOrder

They only have 12" covers on their site, but you can add a comment to the order asking them to make the cover to hold 14" of material. There’s no extra charge, but it might take a week or two for the order to ship out

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Talk to the folks at SleeponLatex. They have a cover that is 12" for a queen and about $150.00. Their covers are extremely stretchy. I think they are amazing. And likely you can stretch the 12" to fit your 14" mattress. My 2" fits over a 4" set up. They’re that stretchy.

Hi! I just joined this site so I could actually ask a similar question. I don’t mean to hijack your post but since we have similar-ish needs, I thought we could both benefit. My budget is a big bigger but I’m also doing DIY and hoping I don’t have to tinker too much because I don’t want my wife mad at me for getting bad nights of sleep during the process… though this is being spearheaded by me because I’m the one waking up with back pain everyday. xD

I did search this site and there is a post that has a pretty comprehensive list of vendors for all components, including covers, but it’s from 2012 and basically every link is dead or the sites are just no longer in business.

I have a bed that my wife and I tried at a local mattress store, who actually makes their own mattresses, and they are transparent about what components they use so it’s been great to use as a starting framework. Here’s the bed in question - Woodland Park Innerspring Mattress | 45th Street Bedding | Seattle

I’m switching things up a bit though because after research I decided to work with Texas Pocket Springs to get our support layer instead of using any of the LP coil options. I’m getting the TPS top of the line 8" at 15.5g w/ edge support of 13.5g (1224 coils) and based on a reddit users experience I decided to also get their 3" Micro Quad coils which Matan at TPS says is equivalent-ish to medium density latex (26 ILD). I’m thinking I’m also going to get 1" of the soft dunlop from SOL to put on top of that.

Now this store uses a zipper cover that is quilted with .8" of soft dunlop, some amount of wool and organic cotton. On top of the LP Caliber Edge coils they have 1" of soft dunlop and then boom, that’s it.

My plan is to get the coils and the 1" of latex and throw those over my king size platform, put on a fitted sheet and try it out before doing anything else. I may need to change the firmness of the latex or even the size of it. Since these coils are different than what 45th St Bedding uses I really don’t know how they are going to feel. I also know those quilted covers are known to affect the firmness of the mattress (making it firmer), so I know that will also need to be considered when I’m deciding what firmness and size of latex to put over the 2 layers of springs. Also, if we get a quilted cover maybe we won’t even need that layer of latex and the micro coils will be enough of a comfort layer? Decisions decisions…

All that said, here are the places I’m aware of that sell full encasements for mattresses:

Are there any sources I’m missing?

My wife likes the look and feel of the quilted cover at the store but depending on how things feel once we get our coils and latex, we may not want to go that direction and I just want to make sure I’m looking at all available options.

There is so much to consider but I know once we get this down, having a higher quality product for 1/3 of the price that we can alter as it ages is going to be way better than getting a mattress we’ll need to replace in 5 years.

Oh… not sure if this would be helpful at all but my wife is 5’ 6" and 150-ish and I’m 5’ 7" and fluctuate between 160-195, depending on my mental and emotional state of being. She falls asleep on her stomach but ends up on her side or back. I’m a back and side sleeper.

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Doesn’t seem to have a 15 inch option, at least for the wool full sized one.

@ jessuckapow

I’m in a similar situation. There are some options on sleep like a bear and mattresses.net but they are sold out at the moment.

I would prefer something with wool but there doesn’t seem to be an option of that in stock.

DIY Natural Bedding

is the only one that has that, and more if you get the adjustable options, but no wool.

Searching on google some more, I found a cotton and wool one that goes up to 13

Here’s place that does custom ones, but I don’t see a place to specify height

I’ll probably reach out to the sites with the sold out 15 inch ones, or just do the diynaturalbeddings extended ones, and just got a wool protector.

Good morning,

This organic mattress encasement by Sleep and Beyond has a 14" encasement that is able to be used for a 12" to 16" mattress - it is slightly stretchy. No wool, though. It zips on 3 sides.


15" is now an option - Full Bamboo - Wool Zippered Mattress Cover, Replacement Mattress Covers