im looking at a simmons model # 700097309-1060 is it a proto type?

I am looking at a Simmons Model # 700097309-1060
I have been told it is a simmons beautyrest comfopedic sophisticated king mattress
Is it?
thanks for your help,I refer a lot of patients toward a memory foam mattress and want to make sure I am not being taken.

Hi doclarry,

I’m not familiar with the Simmons model numbers but if you call or email Simmons they may be able to tell you.

A prototype number is related to the fire regulations.

Most of the major brands have many names for each of their mattresses so that retailers can claim that their mattresses are “exclusive” to them even though they are basically the same mattress (with only very minor variations such as a different cover) but if you compare the specs of the components inside a mattress you can find out if they are the same regardless of the model name or number.

Either way … I wouldn’t recommend a Simmons or any other major brand to anyone anyway and I would generally suggest avoiding them completely (or any mattress that uses lower quality materials or where the manufacturer or retailer can’t (or won’t) disclose the quality of the materials inside the mattress).

Just in case you haven’t already I would read the mattress shopping tutorial here and the mattress shopping guidelines here before buying any mattress or recommending one for someone else.


I found another model number M109323727
followed by the prior number sent
Does this help?