Inclined Bed Solution

As someone who lives with GERD, I have slept on an inclined bed for about eight years. I have always just used those inexpensive bed risers to raise reheard of my head. I have always used a simplemetal bedframe with no headboard or footboard. Now that I’m actually a respectable (more or less) and mature (more or less) adult, I have really wanted an actual bed. You know, a nice solid wood piece of furniture that looks nice… I have never pulled the trigger on such a purchase simply because of my inclined bed problem. Headboards look really weird at a 6 degree angle away from parallel with the wall. I finally found the solution.

This is a metal bed frame insert which gives the mattress an inclined frame but still allows the bed itself to remain parallel with the floor. Am I the last person to find out about this? I am thrilled to have found this for myself. I will post again after it is installed.

Hi teaguejb,

Well I didn’t know about these either so at least you weren’t the very last one to find out about them :).

Of course many people use adjustable beds (and some of these will tilt as well as bend) but these seem to be an effective and much less costly solution and as you mentioned also keep the mattress flat instead of having just the head of the bed raised.

Thanks for sharing your discovery and I’d be interested to know how well it works for you.


Beds up insert arrived yesterday. I assembled and installed it under my current box spring/innerspring mattress (new latex mattress will arrive in a couple of weeks). Assembly/setup was not difficult. However, I do have a couple of observations.

First, I didn’t realize until after I returned the box spring to the frame that the frame was assembled so that it isn’t completely square. That’s my fault since I didn’t think to put a carpenter’s square on it before I put the box spring back on. I’m sure I can loosen the clamps and fiddle with the angles to get it to be square. I’ll do that when the new bed and mattress arrives.

Immediately after returning the mattress to the top of the box spring, I went for a quick test nap. I found the frame makes the bed a little more wobbly. This has either “settled in” or I have quickly adjusted to it because I can’t really feel any undue wobbly-ness at this point. Also, I used the highest adjustment bracket (6") which may be more wobbly than the lower settings (which are the starter settings recommended by the manufacturer).

I also have to throw in some kudos to Beds Up for their customer service. Last Saturday, I found this frame. I had a question about compatibility with certain beds. I sent an email through the website’s “contact us” feature. About ten minutes later, a very knowledgeable representative (may have been Mr. Beds Up himself…can’t remember) called to answer my question. On a Saturday. Shipping was fairly fast too. Ordered on Saturday, received on Thursday.

All in all, this seems to be an outstanding solution for someone who wishes to sleep on an inclined bed. So far, I’m very satisfied with this and would whole-heartedly recommend it.

Hi teaguejb,

Thanks for the report. I think this will help a lot of people who are looking for a cost effective solution to inclined sleeping. It sounds to me like it just took some weight to settle into even support.


Hi teaguejb,

Not sure how long ago you wrote your post about the BedsUp product, but I’d be very interested what you think about it after having used it for awhile. How has it been working for you?

I know I’m not teaguejb, but through the years I have referred people to the BedsUp system and they’ve been happy. I can say that you have to make sure you assemble it well, it’s square, and the legs are tight. It may take some small adjustments to get the height on the legs just right.

Hi Jeff,

Thanks for replying. I’m doing some market research for a possible product based on my own experience with very persistent GERD. Can I contact you? I’d love to pick your brain about what people like about this product and what they do not like. I have seen this product before but wasn’t sure if I wanted to try it myself.

During the day it’s pretty difficult for me to talk to people, as I’m running my own store. It’s easier for me to reply to posts on forums like this when I have the available time, plus it benefits others who may have similar questions.

I can tell you that people like elevations systems like this as the entire sleep system is angled, so there is no bend in the mattress. Also, it is much more affordable than getting an adjustable bed, and it works with any mattress set, so you don’t need to purchase something new that would be adjustable bed friendly should your old mattress set not be so.

Just so you know, I do not sell this product.

If you have other specific questions, feel free to post here and I’ll do my best to answer with my experiences. Others might also be able to chime in.

The benefits are pretty obvious of this bed, and it definitely looks like a solid product. Are there things people don’t like about it that you’re aware of?

I know that it would be subjective, but I would say the most common “issue” would be that you set this frame at a set height, and if you need to adjust it you need to crawl under the mattress set and adjust things manually, so it’s not something that you can adjust to different angles with a touch of the remote like an adjustable bed base. I don’t see this as a problem, but instead a limitation of the product due to its intended design.

That’s what I would have thought just looking at it. Do you know if anyone has ever had an issue with how it looks? My wife took one look at it when I first saw it and thought it would look strange even with a bedskirt because of the angle. Also, what would you do if your partner didn’t want to sleep on an incline?

No one has ever commented to me about the looks, as it is more like a standard bed frame, and the reason they were considering the product was more for health/sleep issues and not so much for aesthetics, but I guess it could look odd with the bed skirt being higher at the head of the bed, and as I’m not aware of any skirt made for such a product, all I could recommend would be the “pin-on” style that you could adjust to follow the elevation, or of course creating your own and adjusting the hem.

Both people sleeping on the incline would also be another thing that I could have mentioned as a potential downfall, but with the incline being gentle and the bed not being “bent” to incline it, the feedback I’ve received from people is that their partner was fine with it. But I know that is subjective information and not from a particularly large sample size.

Are you aware of any companies out there actually selling an inclined bed that was specifically designed on an incline? There are plenty of foam wedges out there in addition to the BedsUp, but I haven’t seen anything else.

Hi Inclinelover,

I know I’m not Jeff, but Glideaway did come out a few years ago with an adjustable bed that also inclines called the Elevation. There is also an Inclined Bed Therapy site that is interesting.