Inexpensive latex pillows?

Any recommendations for king size, full piece talalay latex soft pillows?

Thank you

One of the best places to get a quality Talalay Latex pillow is @CST Talalay Latex Pillows. Many of the TM’s here offer Dunlop and Talalay pillows, Bob @CST is very good at selecting the perfect one to your specifications. He will go so far as to weigh the pillow to determine comfort from soft to firm and density of the pillow and you know you are getting a quality pillow.

@Arizona_Premium has some very nice solid piece dunlop pillows. APM Dunlop Pillows Look in Accessories

You can always look on the web, but I trust the TM’s here to offer the better processed products than ones whose origins are not known.


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Thank you and I look forward to hearing from him!

We also carry Talalay pillows in molded and shredded from Talalay Global.

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