Information on Night Therapy mattress

Does anyone have any specific information on the types of foam that this company uses for their mattresses? The price seems way low for them to use reasonably high quality foam.

I’ve called their customer support and didn’t receive an answer from a rep. Waiting on a call back now.

Here is the link to the mattresses I’m considering.

Hi rockscreation16,

Night Therapy is a Zinus brand which is a Chinese manufacturer but the good news is that their memory foam is CertiPur certified. they are also generally sold through big box stores with great return policies so the risk of trying them is much lower.

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The not so good news is that they tend to use lower density memory foam in their mattresses and I would make sure you knew the density of the foam in any model you purchased to avoid any 3 lb foams and so you can make a more meaningful judgement if the lower price is worth the lower quality memory foam.


I suppose in this case you get what you pay for…

I did get a call back from a representative.

Here are the specs he knew on the 12" memory foam mattress they offer.

6" polyfoam core… of unknown firmness or grade
3" “theratouch” polyfoam. unknown firmness or grade but was said to be softer than the top layer…
3" 3LB 14ILD memory foam for the top layer.
bamboo cover
10 year warranty. Full replacement. Covers any indention over 1.5 inches. 1.5" is a lot!

Hi Rockscreation16,

those are fairly typical specs for a Zinus mattress. Whenever you see “green tea” foam … it’s pretty safe to assume it’s made by them.

1.5" is a pretty standard warranty exclusion although better memory foam and latex mattresses usually have .75". The worst part is that it’s measured with no weight on the mattress so long after a mattress has softened to a point where it’s unsuitable for sleeping on … the foam will still come back to a dip that is less than the exclusion so the manufacturer doesn’t have to replace it. Warranties are not nearly as effective a way to know how long a mattress will last as knowing the materials that are in it. They’re often just used as a marketing gimmick to upsell the unwary.


I completely agree. Seems like there are more gimmicks in the mattress market than truths.